Well there we are. 31 days of narrative. I think we’ve proven a point here, haven’t we.

With guidance and proper supervision it is possible to to create a story. It isn’t easy, mind you, as you may have noticed; but it is possible to steer the chaotic character elements into a relatively straightforward text.

Of course there is some help from without, but all in all, by themselves the ideas in the universe do not a story make. One must have structure, pacing, development — a veritable arsenal of narratorial tools to help create a text worthy of consumption. And this, I have humbly provided.

But no matter. Shall we not move forward? Action is upon us, characters are moving and the elements are engaged. We sit in that moment where what will happen has begun with no way to turn back, but the future in not yet now; it is but the merest of reactions. Potential roiling and writhing with no way to know what will grow, no way to perceive what will soon be.

And we sit on the edge of this scene, fully engaged, completely separate, torn between participant and voyeur. Shall we breathe and go on? Shall we?