Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • The most you can do about other people is wish they weren’t… so why not just wish they were. #
  • Planning is a BIG part; dammit! #
  • Bruce’s Computer Law: the damn things break after the backups go South, and not a minute before. #
  • When something goes wrong: suck it up. Even if it’s not your fault you have to deal with it anyway; so try to do it with a smile on your… #
  • Surgery sucks. Having to think after surgery sucks more. (Being nice is hard too.) #
  • “You are a twit.” Not very professional, but often appropriate. #
  • If the boss says something is easy and it’s not, does that obligate you to meet the boss’s schedule or to adjust his expectations? #
  • L works hard in a climbing gym. #

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