Friday, June the fourteenth, nineteen hundred and eighty-five

The stupid bitch seems to think she has some say in the matter, like anyone so fucking ill-prepared to even care for herself could ever wield enough power to affect how I conduct myself. I fucking look forward to the day she learns how the world really works. Jesus, I hate the cow and her doe-eyed view of the world. I’ll just do her the favour of fucking her over a couple of times and then be on my way. A good fucking Samaritan. Helping stupid people find their proper place in the universe.

Today I made sure the damn neighbour’s dog wouldn’t wake me, or anyone else for that matter. I can’t understand why people have such yappy mutts. Quiet and deadly, that’s how they should be. Not worth much if they’re always scaring away people who will come back later. You think people would fucking learn, the only good enemy is a dead one. Or a helpless one…those are pretty good too. Just the same, Rover isn’t a issue anymore. Good riddance.

I’ve searched most of the upper floor and found a little.

CIBC 765-67854-876

CIBC 543-51006-298

SIN 329 602 555

Most of it’s old, but I’m pretty sure there’s something there. Merry came home while I was upstairs and felt the need to lecture me on privacy. Christ, as if someone stupid enough to leave anything out knows shit about privacy. Probably thinks her fucking delicates drawer is sacrosanct too. maybe I’ll leave a surprise there when I leave; something to warm the ice-bitch’s cold, cold heart. I figure another couple of weeks and I’ll have all the getting I’m gonna get. Still time to make it to Great Falls and see what Stu’s got going.

Anyway, tomorrow is the town hall so I’ve got some ironing to do. Mere-maid still hasn’t clued into the fact that she should be doing my fucking laundry. Too old to look good in one of those French maid things but but at least she could clean my fucking shirts.

Ordo ab chao,

The beaver closed his eyes and shut the notebook. He would have to start from the beginning if he was to get the full picture. But tomorrow: tomorrow in the light of day was a better time for that particular chore.