The Day the Beaver Came

Castor canadensis,

Swept through morning fog
Neither contrite nor wary,
Seeming compatriot on his daily jog.

Canadian beaver,
Surveying his current pond
No matter to him,
Environs now concrete and lawn.

Sole Homo sapiens,
Young and brave, full of inaction,
Stares from the perimeter,
Bereft of a relevant faction.

The beaver pauses,
At the end of the lane
Boldly he glances,
At a young man’s sadness and pain.

“Why be alone,
When you have yourself?”
He utters quite softly,
“Nothing else ever provides such wealth.”

“Come, I will teach you,
The joy of the solitary”
He smiled and approached,
“Let us avant and be merry.”

So boy and beaver,
Trod on into dawn
Not one any longer,
Now the companions of song.