Day 9: whatever floats your boat

Morning. Up and at ’em in a slow, slow way. We had some coffee, some showers and one last peek at the Internet before we cast off.

Leaving Strasbourg We are going up locks so we will need a new system. We cruises though the city harbors pretty fast this time and luckily the first two locks are manned by boys. That got us in the groove and soon we were experts again.

After the swing bridge at Reichstett we stopped for lunch. Leslie headed into town on her own to see if she could find a fort mentioned in the pamphlets and Carmen made pizza from the dough that had been bubbling and boiling in the fridge for the last couple of days.

After L got back I took a turn and found some beer… Not cold unfortunately. The first pizza was experimental and thus only really good. The second, perfection as usual: I think it’s the heavenly homemade sauce she made. Sometimes I hate her.

The weather’s been variable again; scorching heat followed by cloud, heat, a sprinkle of rain and then a cooling breeze.

We decided to skip another trip into town and cast off. A little while later we were cruising through la Forêt Communale de Brumath. Lovely but it had a few clouds of French horseflies. We killed half a dozen before they could bite, but eventually one got through Carmen’s guard. Apparently she’s still delicious.

Carmen took her turn at the helm. We didn’t die. Eventually we hit another lock and her bravery didn’t extend to negotiating it: some excuse about Walleye and the bow rope missing her tender ministrations, and how I would just screw it up anyway.

Come 4:30 we pulled in Waltenheim sur Zorn; same spot as last time. After
Marshaling the troops, we headed to Restaurant a L’Ancre for an aperitif. L had the Gerwürztraminer, while Carmen and I went for the panaché. Carmen made a face. She’s a bit snobby. I think it was just the wrong beer. Anyway we sat and watched the France go by…

Après aperitif, we walked up hill to see Willy. But Willy wasn’t there or maybe he was in a meeting. Goats get busy you know. Our path took us to new parts of town, and it really is beautiful. Such a mix of renovated traditional, rustic and new. We figure it’s less than 30 km to Strasbourg so maybe it’s a bedroom community as well as farm town.

Back to L’Ancre for dinner. Leslie tried something new and had a pizza Napoli… oh wait a minute… Carmen tried the pork knuckles again (stealing my idea), so I went for the pork cutlet. A pichet of Pinot Gris — very appley — and une cafe for dessert. We are still not in the French groove and find ourselves anxious to leave by the time the bill comes.

The proprietor had given a little lecture on asking for bills and tipping earlier, so we tried out our new French. It’s difficult when the staff move so fast. Anyway it was 8:30 before we got out and wandered back to the boat. Our canal bank now has 4 more occupants. Time to relax so L had a lie down, C had a lean back and I sat up to type.

The evening was a Sylvaner in chilled carafe with a sunset, killer spiders, bats, a chilly breeze.

And now for you Pete:

One, two snuggle with you,
Three, four I adore,
Five, six steal a kiss,
Seven, eight procrastinate!
Nine, ten do it again…

Grace, we expect to hear that you’ve read this out loud…

One thought on “Day 9: whatever floats your boat

  1. Yes, aloud—– through smiles and chuckles. But now there is an amendment. It goes…….
    5 6 kitten licks…….

    Carmen should rest so she could harvest and preserve her cucumbers when she returns. Pedro is resting so she could assist.

    purrs and hugs to everyone.

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