Day 7: What?

It’s 10:30 a.m. Carmen’s ankle was sore last night so we sipped back a bottle of Sylvaner and made it a reasonably early night. And then slept in. There are signs that Carmen’s been stirring but I think she went back rest and relax.

I walked to the office to see if I could get wifi. No luck and they lady there couldn’t help. Breakfast was coffee, juice and the last pages of my book.

Carmen has volunteered to snooze the day away so Leslie and I headed up stream. On the way out the gates we ran into the female half of Dutch couple– Du Maurier’s wife. This is getting to be a habit. They are moored in the other side of the lock but might pull in along side us as Mr. Maurier is looking for more security.

Along the way we found the Barrages by Vaubon; completely under tarps for reconstruction. Sigh.

The Petit France area is all half timber buildings and canals. And a restaurant every 10 feet. Very pretty. So pretty in fact we decided to have lunch. I tried a Panaché. Turns out its beer and lemonade: very refreshing. Leslie got her standard Pizza Napoli while I tried another Tarte Flambé.

Some more walking brought us to the Protestant church. Protestant since the mid 1400s it’s quite beautiful and a bit less ostentatious than the cathedral. There’s an old organ once played by Mozart (this was one if his concert tour stops) and some beautiful stained glass, blue rather than the traditional jewel tones. There was also some beautiful light from the stained glass.

After a few stops on the way home, sticking to the shady side of the street as it was so hot, we eventually made it back to the boat. Carmen greeted us with a hot wave from the shade of the weeping willow. I tries to get the wireless going and finally succeeded. Go back to the old posts for a few pictures.

We read for a bit in the shade and then I tried to get the 220v shore power going. I never managed it. Not a day so far where something hasn’t gone awry.

Dinner was cool sandwiches; too hot to cook and too lazy to walk. A bottle of Alsatian Riesling, fresh baguette and a some Carmen tart to finish. I mean a jam tart I had bought especially for Carmen and she deigned to share.

After dinner a cool shower for me and we retired to the deck for a Grynbaum Crémant D’Alsace, Smoked Ham Lays chips and a quick review of some pictures. Oh and the chips… just plain wrong.

an organ Mozart once played

Oh and we all learned a few more things this evening. I tried Carmen’s bra on to prove I’m a better girl; the French couple from down the road showered together at the public shower right dockside from us; I saw Carmen’s belly button; the frosted windows on a Calypso’s bathroom… well, not so much; Crémant disappears too fast and Carmen’s forearm is darker than my creamy white thighs.

I think it’s time for another bottle.

Oh and btw, a Pinot Blanc follows a Crémant pretty well with French bugles.