Day 6: … Carmen’s Polka Dot Bikini

Well it finally happened. Carmen got dragged into one of our completely nonsensical intellectual arguments. And lo and behold, instead of siding with me–which would be obvious– or siding with Leslie– which while wrong headed, would at least be expeditious, she decided to introduce a third opinion into the mix. Well as you might think, we needed another bottle of wine.

It was a 2010 Gold medal winning vin D’Alsace Pinot Noir produced at Cave Vinicole a Hunawihr Haut-Rhin, or, as I like to call it, a better tasting Strawberry Angel.

Seriously, as if Carmen having her own opinion wasn’t enough shock to the system, the translucent colour and effervescent fullness sent us scrambling for the bottle to make sure we were still in France. As a Pinots go, this was the skrawny kid from the Charles Atlas ads who got sand kicked in his face. Unfortunately this particular scrawny kid is never going to put on bulk, he’s destined to be that poor pathetic cousin of a good wine for his entire existence.

But if you thought of it as a well done Strawberry Angel, it wasn’t half bad. Certainly better than Carmen’s or Leslie’s reasoning abilities…

Anyway, all this to say it was 1:50 before the second round of candles burned out.

Morning was therefore slow. A little shower, a little coffee, a quick bit of blogging and I am almost awake.u also awoke to find Carmen hanging out in her pajama bottoms and bikini top. At least that’s what she told me. Oh well, now to get Leslie up and about.

Last night across from the restaurant there was mural on the side of a yellow building. I noticed the Hansel & Gretel, Leslie commented on the fairies, but Carmen’s eyes went straight to the booby witch. After diner the hostess gave us souvenir postcards of the mural. Carmen immediately hung Witchy Boobs on the wall for the duration.


After Leslie crawled out of bed we cast off and head out. For a while Carmen hung out in her bikini (top and bottoms), — again, at least thats what she told me– catching some rays and woking on the tan lines eventually she couldn’t take the heat so she went into the kitchen.

There are fewer locks now that we have reaches the plains. The German family from yesterday pulled out around the same time and they followed us through the locks for the rest of the morning. Turns out they are actually Dutch living in Switzerland. I think they were speaking German though.

A couple of locks from our destination, we came across a lock under repair. So we pulled over and had lunch and waited them out. After food Carmen remembered the Leffe Ruby she had picked so we grabbed a beer while we waited. Turns out though that the Ruby refers, not to red, but to fruit. Leffe Ruby tastes an awful lot like the Pinot from last night… Bubbly and fruity. But very cold.

Lock fixed and we were off. Today was a classic example of the weather we have been having. Cold this morning. Alternating cloud and sunshine for most of the day and then scorching heat as we approached Strasbourg. We decided to risk it and head straight for the city. I was pretty nervous as it was late afternoon and there were limited spots at the harbor. And we are cruising through some pretty industrial harbour so I am unsure of where we’ll stop.

Through the last lock, our first going up, and we are here. A lady at the marina gestures and we snag the last spot in the marina. Its stern to the dock so i back it in. Even got a thumbs up from the spectators. So we are here and that gives us power and water and wifi for 3 days.

After signing in and hooking up we wandered into town. It’s now 31 degrees and the sun is beating down so everyone’s wondering what to do to get out of the heat. So we head to the Cathedral. I can’t say it’s my favourite cathedral in France, but what can you say that’s bad about any 1000 year old edifice.


After we wandered down to Gutenberg Square and indulged in Pork Knuckles… an Alsatian speciality. Salty, salty goodness. A walk around town and back to the boat as night falls. It’s been a long hot day.

Oh and I can’t get the wifi to work so you will have to wait for pictures.