RCAF revisited

A few months back (well 2 years ago anyway…) I mentioned I had come across a CF-100 at the Alberta Aviation Museum and subsequently discovered my Father had flown it a month or so before he died. Zak had texted me and said he saw a Golden Hawk CF-86 fly by on Wednesday, so after leaving downtown today we decided to see if it had landed at the museum. It had.

They were letting people tour it so we paid our fee and wandered in. Dan Dempsey (the pilot) was there and While I sat in the cockpit we discussed the history of that aircraft and a bit about the RCAF. This particular Sabre had been in Marville (441 Checkerboard squadron) but a few years before my father.

This was a bit more exciting than the last time I sat in one as it was still flying and of a reasonable comparable model to my father’s (he flew Sabre 6’s, this was a Sabre 5). I also chatted withe mechanic for a while. He said that the Orenda engines are still being serviced because the oil industry uses them in pumps… huh.

While we were there an old Stearman took off on a joyride and a P-51 mustang landed, all here for tomorrow’s festivities.

I had mentioned to Dan that my father had often flown from Gimli to Calgary to date my mother and he said a lot of that happened back then and it was likely a T-33 (which I had known) and gestured over to the two on the tarmac. That got me thinking.

On the way out I took a look at the tail numbers and when I got home I checked the log books. He’d never flown the one but T-33 21533 had been stationed at Gimli while he was there. He’d never flown it to Calgary, but had flown it on at least 11 different occasions.

It’s parked right beside CF-100 18476.


Of course as these things go, one google lead to another and I came across this listing which I had never seen before: The Canadian Virtual War Memorial and its link to my father. Even mentions me…

It also has an image of the page in the non-virtual memorial.