And on the Fifteenth Day

Well the enforced isolation is definitely over. Carmen sign has been seen everywhere. The world is hunkering down and buttoning it’s hatches. The battens were missing.

Toady I went back to work. Of curse I didn’t actually go cause they would’ve yelled at me, but I was so totally there otherwise. Sharpening my blue pens, organizing my thought-like thingies, and generally practicing my editorial aloofness until its sheen shone so shiny that it basically shot out I to the sky and illuminated good grammar for miles around.

Pete helped. She ignored me like I wasn’t there (because of course I was back at work) and complained loudly about my slothful work habits. Good old Pedro, always willing to lend a paw. On my coffee breaks I finished off the tree. Ahead of schedule. Anyway, it was a great first day sort of back and I am definitely ready for the weekend. Work is hard.

It was a good break. I got lots accomplished if you count nothing as something and some as a lot and a lack of results as attaining goals… and of course I do.

Tonight I will end the night with some bad reality (tv) and test out some blankets and maybe write a long long thank you to all the little people that made my 14 days of iso so mandatory. Stupid. Little. People! World, here I come…

One thought on “And on the Fifteenth Day

  1. From the bottom of that spot where my heart should be, thanks, mystery blogger. You made all the difference. <3
    Now take me to France!

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