Day 13: Unlucky Day

Like the groundhog is the harbinger of spring, the Carmen has begun to emerge from her hole. Soon all will be good in the world again.

Day thirteen of enforced isolation has come and gone. I’m not sure why the overlords have imposed this penalty but it will soon be over. I look forward to cotton candy (poinsettias), walks in the greenhouses and kicking some donkey ass. So bad prose will once again cross under my mighty blue pen and verb phrases will be reduced to quivering masses of constituents. I will RULE!

And then I can show everyone my new shoes and find out who did what to whom and organize my paperclips and drink bad coffee and put my hair up and check my phone and put may hair down and argue with the boss and be right and win and crush and … oh boy!…Squirrel!

Today was an unlucky day. I didn’t get my tree done and the schedule is slipping fast; must concentrate; must be productive; must note be distracted; must Zzzzzzzzzzz

Huh, what… No that wasn’t me. I don’t nap.

I tried Homesense to work out the last of my Day 13 blues but it didn’t work. Everything was red and green. Chuck in the blues and it all just came out purpley. Blech. I guess its off to see Mr Patrone. He always makes me feel better. And sleepy.

Goodnight Day 13. You suck.