Day 10: I’ve got a woody

Carmen must be feeling better. She made a dirty joke…


I woke up refreshed and all ready for some kitten. First thing I brushed some cat hair into the kitten box and cleaned up the cat box… Hmmmmm, I hope the new one doesn’t get them confused. Then I made some soup. It was chowd-der. With clams. From a can. They were cold. So I cooked them. In a casserole. With catsup.

So then I decided to go out and shop for wooden ornament holders. They were all out of coatracks so I decided to get a tree instead. It was green, not unlike a cat. It was prickly, not unlike a cat. I sawed the bottom off it, just like … oh.

The tree is now in my house, warming up and contemplating its wondrous future.


Unfortunately the tree has now consumed all of my energy. Cats, kittens and cole slaw are now on hold indefinitely. My tree will…