I don’t wanna, or do I?


One interesting thing to note about the BART is that tickets are necessary for entry and exit. You need to have paid the correct fare for the correct station in order to leave. I wonder what happens if you haven’t got it? Are there lost souls forever doomed to ride the rails “Beneath The Streets of San Francisco”. What a great TV show!

On another note the continual reminders to be situationally aware and report suspicious packages and generally be a good citizen are faintly…well not so faintly… reminiscent of the old totalitarian 1984 type movies. They really work the technology to reinforce the rules.

This morning was the friendly cascading car alarm wake-up call. Lovely way to wake up and it was so nice of them to set it for 7:30… how convenient. A shower and quick cup of bad coffee… how do they expect us to use two big coffee cups with 2 tiny packets of sugar? It’s inhuman I tell you!

I checked out, found the wrong F line station, found the right F line station and headed downtown. Getting off was sort of a random affair as I had finally figured out the F line parallels the BART from Powell to Embarcadero, so you can get off at any time. Would have saved me a couple of blocks of walking when I first got here but hey, that’s why I am in such good shape.

One problem with this theory is that, while the BART etc. is clearly labeled, its not as apparent which station you’re at. Turns out I was at Montgomery. Still $8.10 to the airport though. A 10 minute wait and I was in my way. Not very crowded as we are heading out of downtown.

My timing sucks as I was a bit early this morning but not early enough to be useful. I figure I’ll have close to 3 hours at the airport to kill. At least I can ditch my bag and hopefully the interweb’s free.-

One thought on “I don’t wanna, or do I?

  1. I wish I’d had more time in SF back in ’98, but I spent most of my trip in the much less appealing San Jose, which seemed to me nothing but suburb after suburb. I’m glad I explored the Golden Gate and Muir Woods, though the cable cars kinda scared me – I wound up driving on the tracks a couple of times in my rent-a-car, and I’m not sure I was supposed to be there…

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