Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

Morning started with awakeness. A lot like the night before. Up, shower and a quick trip to the computer to reserve a new iPhone 4S (black, 32gig). Hopefully that will put me at the front of the line. One coffee, some cat scratches and I’m off. The east Henday sure is an amazing road; it has little to nothing in common with the west Henday, once again pointing out the schizophrenic nature of Edmonton roads. Of course L was driving so I pretty much tuned out.

The airport’s relatively quiet with short lineups. I was ‘randomly’ selected for a search and was politely asked if I wanted to step into the booth or have a patdown. At 8am questions like that sound more like “Do you want uranium or kryptonite with your coffee?” to me. No comprende… Anyway the booth looked scary so I took the patdown which, in retrospect, was totally the right choice. I’ll have to see what it’s like in a U.S. Airport though.

So now begins 5 days of battery paranoia. IPhone, iPad, eReader, I am totally dependent on my ability to conserve energy and recharge. Especially the eReader as I can’t recharge it without a computer and I didn’t bring one. It’s usually good for a week or so but that is dependent on me not falling asleep on it and keeping it on all night (which I seem to do frequently). The iPads usually golden if I stay away from iBooks which chews through battery like it was chocolate cake in an office full of women. The phone is the week spot as battery life is fading.

So we will have to see if I keep up the blogging. C said I had to and I guess I will be bored enough unless Laura gets me drunk every night. For those of you not in the know, Laura is managing the events portion of the big air show in San Francisco during Fleet Week so I am just heading down there to hang out and checkout the ships and the air show. I want to to tour USS Bonhomme Richard and the HMCS Ottawa while I’m there and hopefully pop over to Alameda to tour the USS Hornet. Really want to see how big an aircraft carrier really is…

The plane boss! The Plane!

Calgary was odd. I left via Gate 34, went all the way through the terminal and then back through US customs and then back to Gate 34 again. I really don’t get the whole US thing. Why can’t we go through the same security as overseas flights?

Anyway after we boarded the was a weird kaffufle. As far as I could tell a women (elderly-ish) was declared not ok for flight. So they pulled her, and as a result her husband, off. Then they had a big reshuffling of seats to accommodate some standby passengers, some of whom had kids under 12 and had to sit with the parents. But in the end we still managed to get off the ground.

Power’s sitting at 79% now. I think that has to do with my backup issues; the iPad had trouble shutting down and was still spinning when I went to fire it back up.

Over Oregon and regretting my aisle seat choice. The foot room on the aisle seat is smaller and slightly at an angle and the guy in the middle seat is broad shouldered and snoozing. That leaves me sitting at an odd angle and unable to stretch out. And I keep getting whacked by flight attendants.

I started on the short story. Still have ending nor plot and a pretty obvious twist. Still it’s words on a page–metaphorically.

Alcatraz in the bay

I stopped in at the hotel and had one of those ‘fail’ moments with the stupid electronic keys, but eventually someone let me into my room and I checked in with Laura. She promised me tickets to the show tomorrow and perhaps a date later tonight. Dinner was a Garlic Crab and Prawn mixed grill at Sabella and la Torre’s accompanied by an Anchor Steam ale. You think would have learned my lesson in Spain and France about the prawns… and the crab legs are worse. I figure I ate about half of the available meat and smeared most of it all over my face and fingers. Good though.

After dinner I walked up the pier to the USS Pampanito, a WWII era sub and did a nifty tour of the insides. It looked huger than expected from the outside and way way smaller from the inside..

Crew quarters

Next up… A jacket, cause it’s cold…

I had a nice long walk up and down the piers and watched the sun go down on the Golden Gate, or what little i could see of it. There’s a great sea lion hang out on Pier 39 so I chilled with the sea mammals for a while and then checked out the tourist shops for a while.

The Blue Angels showed up for a meet & greet so I took a pic of the clean-cut pilot types; there was even a girl!

Afterwards I cruised up to the bottom of the cable car hill and then headed home. Laura didn’t call so I guess this is probably it for the evening. I leave you with some pics…





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  1. : ) and yay!

    I’ve never seen a sea lion up close. They crash like drunken editors…but with more whisker.

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