MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-27

  • RT @EnjoyCentre: Exciting new Wetlands boardwalk under construction across the street from Enjoy Centre #
  • At the Jube waiting for Melissa. Serena Ryder was a pretty damn good opener. #yeg #
  • RT @katepullinger: Let's ask: Was Snowy a boy-dog or a girl-dog? @charlesbeckett and I need to know, please. #
  • Wondering why all this digital technology still hasn't dealt with the issue of dentists… Sigh. #
  • Strange people are strange. Bundled up with a balaclava and a toque but no gloves or mitts! #
  • New knowledge is a glorious thing! RT @doctorow: … But there are many ways to open wine without a corkscrew #
  • RT At St. Albert city hall Jim Hole invites all to Lt Gov Distinguished Artist Awards Gala Apr 9 @EnjoyCentre #
  • RT @bookbench: Make a case for your Kindle out of an old hardcover book. #
  • Back at #BostonPizza after a 4 month hiatus. They still remember my beer; I love having my beer remembered! #goodservice #
  • Yet another job I would need to be more grown up to get. @jdarrah: Communications leader wanted in Edmonton: #yeg #jobs #
  • OMG!! Everyone, RT @scalzi: Eating a sandwich #TheMagnificentDramaOfTwitter #
  • Off for some culture… Brian Webb Dance at the Timms! #

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