MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-13

  • Should University libraries digitize their academic collections? Should then all rights-free material be offered 2 public 4 free? I vote yes #
  • RT @liza WP plugin for beautiful ebook creation: RT @kirkbiglione Exploring iPad typography with Bibliotype for WordPress #
  • Japan's homegrown book scanning business highlight swhy copyright is a BIG issue these days #
  • Homemade #pizza tonight. Still haven't found the perfect oven temp with my stone… 400? 450? 500? Too many opinions! #
  • I have to admit, as a former rural resident, Bill 36 scares me. Sure hope its not as bad as doomsayers predict <shiver> #
  • I hate multiple accounts when I tweet the the wrong tweet on the wrong twitter #shamefaced #
  • A children's book to make you suck wind 😉 Big Wolf & Little Wolf: The Little Leaf that Wouldn’t Fall @illustratedword #
  • Reminder to self. Never, never, never read CBC news comments… sigh #
  • The @nationalpost app for iPad/iPhone is here! Follow us and RT this message for a chance to win an iPad: #nponipad #
  • IT'S OFFICIAL: The Smartphone Market Is Now Bigger Than The PC Market #
  • Why is Theatre Passe Muraille doing such a quintessentially Alberta show? Fort Mac hits the boards… #yeg #
  • TouchWood Editions (@touchwooded) has a job at their Victoria office. Promote & publicize the books … woo-hoo! #
  • What do we know about Melody (@openmelody)? Should I be veering that way from my current plans to roll out yet another WordPress system? #
  • LOL! The average budget for novice social programs is $66,000, and an average team includes about 3.1 people … #
  • @Tweetdeck now includes I guess this means I can run off at the mouth about things that only matte… (cont) #
  • RT @quillandquire: On gender parity in literary publishing #
  • Earth to #yeg .. Where can my beautiful partner find (blech) cracked wheat bread! #
  • RT @BrockSky: Good Fucking Design Advice at: #
  • RT @BrentButt: New cereal in the breakfast aisle:
    I propose the slogan; "More Fibre, Less Subtle" #

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