Day 8… Bird is the word

Morning. Shower. French toast X3 (2 dry, 1 slathered in butter & syrup). Load and go…

We gassed up in Campbell River and headed north. Pretty soon you veer away from the water and head inland: lots of trees, lots of clear cuts and one less bird. Leslie, who was driving, continued her streak of smashing into tiny flying things with my truck. We think it was a sparrow this time which gives L bonus points for tininess.

The scene of the crime

The tourist booth at Sayward.

The highway is small and windey, but in good shape and all in all not bad for driving so far. A quick stop at Sayward to pick up some brochures led us to decide to stop in Telegraph Cove. A picturesque old salmon saltery, it was well worth a visit. Carmen bought mittens (only her second pair this summer–she’s definitely got her little ‘problem’ under control… I think). We toured around, admired the old buildings on stilts and had beer and lunch. The girls opted for fresh chowders and we nibbled away beneath the bald eagles.

Leaving, Leslie remembered that reverse is also a direction, and we made it ought of the parking lot intact. We pulled out only to see a lumbering black bear just outside of town. First bear of the trip, although we had spotted several small deer. Next stop Port McNeal. Here we found no cheap trinkets and tshirts stores, sigh. We did however show Carmen her first monkey puzzle tree, and it was a beaut! And while C didn’t exactly throw poo at me, she did get a very quizzical expression on her face when she first saw it… Just saying.

There are apparently resident killer whales around here and if we had planned better we would definitely go out for a boat trip; maybe next time.

Port Hardy started with a trip out to the ferry. We need to be there at 5:30 am so we thought we’d scope it out. On the way back we stopped at Bear Cove Park and checked out the coastline. Crabs, eagles, anemones, starfish and more barnacles than a chicken has feathers, it had it all. Carmen, in a novel introduction to marine life, got spit on by a clam. Always love walking the seashore.

Into town we toured around and checked out the facilities. Then we checked in tot the Quarterdeck Inn and Marina and caught a bit of a rest. The Rogers 3G is nonexistent her but the Bell connection on my iPad is working fine–worth the hassle to sign up I guess.