Day 7: You are my Sunshine…

The natives are restless and it’s time to move on. Actually we have a ferry reservation so I had to poke the natives into activity. We packed up an drove the windy road back to Horseshoe Bay. We arrived in plenty of time and hung out waiting for the ferry. After boarding we had a sunny, beautiful trip across Howe Sound to Langdale, just outsider of Gibsons Landing.

The sunshine greeters on the ferry said we’d have plenty of time to make the Earls Cove ferry, so we trucked into Gibsons for some touristy stuff. We parked right behind Molly’s Reach. We took the obligatory pictures and made the obligatory Bruno Gerussi references. It’s a beautiful place. I envy those guys getting to work there for so many years.

Back in the truck we moved on to Sechelt and looked for some quick food. Some sushi and pizza later we piled into the truck and realized that the helpful ferry guide had been a bit misleading; we were gonna be touch and go for the next ferry. I drove like a maniac down the twistiest, turniest roads ever at breakneck speeds. Stupid locals kept doing the speed limit…grrrr.

As we drove down the hill to the ferry dock, there was 1 car and 4 semi’s left to load; 2 semi’s made it and the rest of us were left stranded until the next ferry, 2.5 hours later. Apparently the fell in front of us had been there for 30 minutes, but a traveling amusement park got precedence and he was left behind. The guys who arrived 5 minutes after us were of course the most vocal about their bitterness: typical.

The fellow in front of us left to go back to town for the break and that left us first in line. A couple of games of Flux in the shade, some relaxing and lying around brought 5:30 and the ferry. First on and at the front of the ferry, it was a beautiful crossing. I’ll have to come back in my own boat some day.

From Saltery Bay to Powell River is a short drive. The terrain here isn’t typical lush BC coast. Apparently it doesn’t rain here very often hence the sunshine coast. Powell River wasn’t my favorite town of the trip but it was ok. We checked out the ferry to Comox and the lady laughed and told us to show up 10 minutes before departure. That gave us 1.5 hrs for dinner. Snickers Greek restaurant was slow and our waitress was new, new, new. We didn’t miss our ferry, but we were plenty nervous.

As we waited in line for the ferry, I saw the guy from in front of us, and the grumpy guy from behind all waiting to cross the strait to the island. The ferry sailed at 8:45 into the setting sun and it was peaceful, stunning and a nice way to wind down. The ferry terminal to Courtenay was a quick trip and we pulled into a Best Western, Carmen picked up some rooms and it was lala land for the night.