Day 6: Rock Warriors

Today started with a train at 6 am and a really really enjoying bird on our windowsill. After we actually got up we headed into to town for a quick tour and to discover to our dismay the Howe Sound Adventures is actually gone… Sigh, I really like jetsking in Howe Sound.

We then headed off to the Smoke Bluffs (right across the way from the hostel). A short hike in took unto Ferrets Folly but it was occupied by fellow hostelers. We kept going on up to Burgers and Fries. It was empty so we set up on what I thought was ‘Burgers and Fries’. Since I had no idea what was what as I had left the guide books at home, it was pretty much a crap shoot. Turns out we were climbing something else but luckily it was another 5.7.

I lead it in gear but freaked on the slab bit in the last 8 feet and bailed. I walked up and set a toprope and we tried again. Carmen practiced her gear climbing and zipped up the crack and conquered the slab bit that had stymied me. Les did it smoothly and cleanly and it was a clean sweep. We did it again a couple of more times and while I never did the slab bit on lead it was an awesome day.

Eventually we moved over to another cliff face; good thing because the YMCA kids had just shown up. Ferrets Folly provided a bit of crack and a bit of face. The crack (5.7) provided some trad practice and some layback practice. Eventually we tried a bit of the face climbing with a 5.7-5.9 smearing to build up our ego.

We packed up and headed back into town. Carmen decided to invest in her own shoes ( and some other things) and I bought a couple of biners.

Back at the hostel we showered and cooked some chicken on the BBQ. Diner followed with some wine (our last bottle of France: the sauterne), some gossiping, bragging and reminiscing. Tomorrow is up the Sunshine Coast, but frankly, I don’t want to go…