Day Five – up and up again

Zak update: he made it to Paris. Also he apparently had an adventure. If he keeps on spending cash on cabs to get out of his adventures he’s gonna be calling soon!


This morning we got up for breakie and decided on the hotel’s cafe. Not really in tune with the clientele; but at least they provided a fancy side of fruit with their 2 pieces of French bread for $12. And they helpfully cut up Carmen’s banana!

Eventually we got the truck packed up and were on the road. I think everybody is sick of moving pretty much every night. Well it’s 2 nights in Squamish (or SQ Amish) as Carmen has taken to calling it) before we move on and if we are willing to drive long, we could stay for free. By the weekend we’ll be in Prince Rupert and I think we will settle down somewhere for am longer haul.

The drive to Squamish was awesome as always and the new highway makes it much more pleasant. Too pleasant I think as it’s really not a slow scenic drive anymore. Anyway we turned off at Murrin Park and Sugarloaf was deserted so we unpacked the gear and hiked up to climb.

These are all 5.4, 5.5 gear routes and a lot of fun. I got in about 5 or 6 gear leads and Leslie and Carmen both got a chance to toprope and clean the gear. We tried one route a bunch of times before moving over and trying something a bit harder. Oddly enough the harder route suited Carmen and she zipped up it.

Afterward dirty and tired we hit the White Spot for Halibut, burgers and beer (cider for Les of course) full and content we the hostel, checked in and I wimped out for a shower. A rousing couple of games of crib and it was time for bed.