Day three: Americans for breakfast

Morning started with getting up. This might seem obvious but it seemed to escape a few of my traveling companions. To them morning seems to be some sort of möbius loop of up and down with intermittent napping. Nevertheless we made the ups stick and moved on to the free breakfast. Apparently the breakfast boy was new and hadn’t anticipated the weekend rush so resources were scarce. We managed to snags toast, juice and coffee in between the complaining and bustling of other guests.

As I have often mentioned to Leslie the reason socialism is doomed to fail is that in times of scarce resources people tend to horde, lash out and generally devolve into smaller and smaller social groups until it’s everyone for himself. So at least one guy got a load of precooked, defrosted scrambled eggs…may it bring him much happiness. On the bright side, the fact that the ravening hordes just made us smile is a sign that we are starting to relax.

Today it’s off to Vancouver. We toyed with the old number 1, but in the end opted for the Cocquihalla because we would rather not face the drive into Van late in the day. So, more hours of being subjected to Leslie’s iPod (shudder) and over the mountains we go.

Arriving in Vancouver was, as Vancouver always seems to be, busy. Leslie and I switched off outs of Chilliwack and I proceeded to motor off until the traffic jam started. We moved at a crawl until we finally crossed the river. I could never live with that. Anyway we eventually turned on to Hastings Street and zipped downtown to our hotel. The Best Western Granville is Leslie place of choice when she’s in town so it was our ultimate destination.

After checking in and hauling our stuff we went in search of a CIBC so someone could reset their pin as their visa had ceased to work for unspecified reasons. Down near Yale town we found a bank and a Cactus Club for lunch. The food was, as always, delish. We all tried one of Rob’s specials and the girls opted for some sangria like booze.

We walked the rest of the way down to False Creek after stopping at Urban Fare to check out the travelator and peruse the bakery goods. We hopped the water taxi to Granville Island. Immediately. I dragged everyone down to then dock to check out the sailboats. Sigh. Next it was on to the fabric shop to fondle wool and fabric and an afternoon of shopping shops and trying on hats.

A quick ferry ride brought us up to Hornby street and we walked over to Davie to grab some sushi and later a brush for Carmen to help straighten out her hair–it was apparently curly. A nice walk to the hotel ended with some online updating, an nice French red and a quiet night. Tomorrow the girls are off to Simon Fraser for school and I am not going to buy that 32′ Bavaria… Nope, no siree…