Day Two

Up with a headache is still up

Today we eat bagels. Well Leslie doesn’t actually want bagels and Carmen won’t toast or but butter on it so in my mind it’s not actually a bagel, but today I am definitely eating a bagel. Then we are off to Kamloops. We will have to stop and take in the sights along the way otherwise well get there too early.

We shall see…

Hitting the road brought nothing but trees and rocks until Mount Robson, at which point we found tourists. After a quick walk and snoop, Carmen (who after all is slightly smaller than a 1 year old moose) took up shotgun to Bruce’s pilot and we went west. Blue River provided lunch, tacky souvenirs and bad grammar and Bruce was relegated to the back seat.

Kamloops. Leslie drove us up and down the Number 1 while she got her bearings. Eventually we arrived at the tourist booth where a lovely lady pointed out the wildlife park, train rides and music in the park. Meanwhile Les acquired rooms at the local inn and we travelled off to meet some bears.

The park is a rehabilitation place for wildlife. There were a couple of 35 year old grizzlies sucking on watermelon and salmon steaks, a few peripatetic lynx and many many more cute, fuzzy and hungry animals.

After a very very hot stroll we headed back to Kamloops proper for dinner at Frick and Frack. Six mini beers later we were ready for a nap so we went for a walk.

Kamloops, as we had discovered years ago when we broke down here, has the best riverside park. Between gorgeous warm evenings, an incredible park and free music every night in July, the evening started some of the much needed relaxation process.

Bocephus King, a blues band was on the bill and provided our annual taste of indigenous entertainment. Sprawled on the grass, we grooved and snoozed. After a loverly evening we watched the sun set over the confluence of rivers and headed on to our hotel.