Day 1: We’re off

Well we missed Bastille Day. Tired, grumpy, panicking and packing. No matter we will re-enact the day after when everyone had hangovers and guilt. We can do that.

Today we are off; the plan is on to Jasper and relax then on to Kamloops and relax and then on to Vancouver. Oddly enough, this the first time Leslie and I have gone to Vancouver via Jasper –other than that debacle with the broken radiator–better to say the first time we’ve done it in a leisurely manner.

Zak’s been toodling around London and I suspect playing a lot of cards. We hear something about his doings pretty much everyday on Facebook, but no pics yet. Rem is there now but I don’t know if they’ve met up.

T minus 2 hours…

We have lift-off

(to be continued)

Somewhere around Hinton, Carmen lost her bra. It’s a mystery. So we had to stop for her to redress herself. Apparently dressing isn’t something she can do in a car.

Our room in Jasper wasn’t ready so they bought us a free beer at the magic beer machine. Mmmmmmm.

Next up is some groceries, some dinner, some sauterne and some post Bastille shenanigans. Hopefully C can keep her clothes on.

Groceries ensued and Bruce hacked up a chicken while L @ C lolled. Later after Bruce queried where all the booze was, to which Leslie replied “what do you need booze for?”, Carmen piped in with the one-liner of the day: “look, AADAC, what holiday are you on?”

A walk around Pyramid Island, a cruise through town with a stop to get some cherry chocolates from the Candy Bears Liar took us home for a round of skipbo and beer.