The Last Week

11 June

  • Up around 0700.
  • We are an hour away from Sidney and have a noon lunch date so will just hang out for the morning.
  • We motor down and check out Fulford Harbour. Nice looking place except for the big ass ferry that comes and goes multiple times a day.
  • We motor to Sidney and tie up.
  • Lunch with Geo Takach and his daughter Fran.
  • Laundry in the P.M.
  • Then Mark and Karen pick us up and take us for delicious Chinese.

12 June

  • Off the dock around 1000 hrs. I have to stop trying to turn the bow into the wind.
  • Motor past Portland Island and then raise the sails.
  • We are sailing with a ton of big ferries in some pretty narrow water.
  • It gets even more exciting by Enterprise Reef just outside of Active Pass and the Ferries have little room to maneuver and we have a lee shore. But everyone finds sea room and no one dies.
  • We sail right into Montague Harbour and drop our sails at hedge of the anchorage.
  • We anchor off the marina and settle in for the night.

13 June

  • I haul the dinghy up on deck to search again for the slow leak. No luck.
  • Load the outboard on the dinghy and set off for the marina to explore.
  • Then we head to the Provincial Park to walk the shoreline.

14 June

  • We are up bright and early and head for Nanaimo to spend out last few days in the harbour. Need to make Dodd Narrows slack at 1330 hrs.
  • We raise the sails in 13 knots and slowly jibe back and forth going down wind. It’s cold again.
  • Just before Porlier Pass we haul in the main and motor sail with the jib. We are making 6.3-7 knots the rest of the trip.
  • Winds are predicted to be 20-30 tomorrow so we decided to just head on into our slip at Stones.
  • Fuel up and back into our slip for the last time around 1430 hrs.

15 June

  • Rain. Not much wind though.
  • I buy some cleaner for the inside of the bimini (still some algae from last winter). Hosing the underside of the enclosure in the rain…it presents an odd picture.
  • We prep for a quick haulout, but then its cancelled.
  • So we grab our bins from storage and start sorting and packing.
  • And then the winds. And more rain.
  • Looks like we are inside for the rest of the day.
  • And more rain.

16 June

  • Lovely sunny morning.
  • Drop off a bag at Seair so they can send it on an earlier flight.
  • Do the last loads of laundry for stuff staying in storage.
  • Finish packing and inventorying by noon and haul everything into storage unit.
  • Clean galley and then the rain starts again.
  • Afternoon coffee with L’s parental units.
  • More cleaning.
  • Last dinner aboard.
  • Finish it off with a movie in the cockpit.

    17 June

    • Off the boat.
    • At Seair by 9:15.
    • We get to fly in a Beaver (1956); always my favourite. 
    • Only 3 on the flight so we leave 20 minutes early. 
    • And a couple of hours in YVR before we are home…