The next, next week or so

More excerpts from the logs of Never for Ever.

16 May

  • Off the dock at around 1045 hr
  • There is a nice NW wind and we are heading south…
  • We roll out the jib and then, around noon, we raise the main.
  • after a while we were back to motor sailing but around 1400 we caught the wind again and had a lovely downwind sail to the bay (Sturt) at Van Anda on Texada Island.
  • Pulled into the Texada Boat club into our favourite spot around 1545 hrs.
  • an American Bavaria pulls in in front of us filled with gregarious friendly boaters heading to Desolation
  • Then a cutter-rigged Nauticat (very unusual) from Victoria ties up along side them. Nice boat.
  • Had a lovely chat with Bob, the wharfinger. Seems the pub and restaurant might actually be reopened for the main cruising season. Bob ( his wife actually) maintains a database of batters so he always greets you by name when he comes down to the dock.

17 May

  • off the dock around 10.
  • it’s a grey day and the winds are 15-20 from the SE, right on the nose…sigh, Malaspina always does that to us. Maybe we should have kept going yesterday with the lovely downwind sailing.
  • L is jonesing to sail so around noon she convinces me to raise the sails. We haul out the main with our nominal “first reef.”
  • I man the helm for the first 20 minutes or so then she takes over. We add a bit more reef and she and skippers the rest of the day.
  • We tack back and forth for 3 or 4 hours ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 knots of SOG.
  • At one point we cross in front of a huge barge by a couple of hundred yards. We had the nominal right of way, but he was a tug under tow with limited maneuverability so had precedence.
  • Drop sails around Quarry Bay — the same place we did last time we beat down Malaspina. Great day.
  • Dropped anchor in Garden Bay around 1745 hrs

18 May

  • I call the Pender Harbour Health Centre to see where L can see a Dr. about her ear. They say they can see us around 11.
  • We dinghy over to Maderia Park and then meander down the Sunshine Coast Highway for 15 minutes or so, encountering our very first Turtle Crossing along the way.
  • I have to say that was a great clinic. Small towns are great that way.
  • We stop at the pharmacy on the way home, load up on drugs and head back to the boat.

19 May

  • Up anchor at 0930.
  • Fuel up on the way out and then head south to Smuggler Cove for the long weekend.
  • Just outside Pender I spot a small; blue boat and check it out as I have every other small blue boat. Turns out it is indeed Kismet and Peter (from Victoria).
  • After a brief chat on the radio we decide to raft up in the middle of the Malaspina. There is zero wind. we visit for 15 minutes or so and then say our goodbyes. Peter is headed north to start work at Heriot Bay (Kayak guide at Spirit of the West Adventures).
  • Arrive Smuggler Cove around 1300 hrs. Stern tie on second try. Cross currents are a real bugger.
  • Three Hunters in row after we tie up.

20 May

  • Cove fills up. Up to 10 boats at one point just in front cove; more in the back one.
  • We head off to Thoramsby Island to explore beach. Hot and beautiful.
  • Call and make a reservation at Gibsons Marina…full. 🙁
  • They call back a bit later and say a spot opens up 🙂

21 May

  • Raise anchor by 8 am.
  • A long motor to Gibbons.
  • We cross the bar (shoal) mid-tide in 10 feet of water.
  • It’s a tight squeeze into our berth; barely a few inches wider than the fender. Docking successful!
  • L’s Uncle comes down to pick us up and we head to Roberts Creek for lunch and a visit. Stunning hillside home!
  • Dinner is at the pub.

22 May

  • Quiet day while Leslie works on her presentation.
  • I clean the boat. It needed it.

23 May

  • Move 2 nm to Plumper Cove.
  • We anchor with a little less scope than I want as the winds start to climb.
  • There is a older gent in an aluminum powerboat towing around stray logs…Relic lives!
  • Eventually the boat behind us moves to a mooring buoy so we let out more scope and have a bumpy night.

24 May

  • I can see the bar through my binoculars and at low tide, with the wind, it looks like one big long standing wave.
  • Winds die.
  • Explore Keats Island and do the Marine Park Loop. LOTS of uphill!

25 May

  • Raise anchor around 0945 hrs. We take the long way around Keats.
  • I take a shower and L runs out the jib in 12-15 knots of wind. We leave the engine running because we want to charge up the batteries for our stay in Nanaimo.
  • Bumpy but we do 6 – 6.5 knots pretty consistently in 15-19 knot winds.
  • Pull into Nanaimo Harbour around 1430 with the winds still around 15 knots.
  • Decide to set anchor using the wind. Works, but when I go to set it using the engine I get the dinghy painter caught in the prop (the whole story).
  • Stay at anchor until we can get a tow the next day.

26 May

  • 0100 hrs we are up and fending off a Bayfield with too much scope that banged into us. Decide to raft up for the night.
  • 0630 hrs we cast off the Bayfield.
  • We go into town to shop and walk.
  • Visit NewCastle Island at low, low tide. Almost zero water between the two islands.
  • Ian from NYCSS shows up with crew and tows us to Stones Boatyard.
  • Hauled out and on blocks for at least 24 hrs.
  • Cut painter from prop shaft. Turns out the motor mounts are broken. Now we are here for the weekend.

27 May

  • HOT!
  • Drop off L at Harbour Air for her seaplane ride to #YVR
  • Scrape teak from hatch and flagstaff. Sand.
  • Fill stripped holes for strap brackets in dinghy
  • Remove anchor chain and rode

28 May

  • Resand teak
  • Meet Jim (from Sea Esta X) and Gwen wandering the yard. They are there waiting to pick up Tim and Donna at the ferry.
  • Laundry day.

29 May

  • First coat of varnish on teak.
  • Take down bimini to replace worn velcro and try and build dams from silicone to prevent water dripping.
  • Drilled pilot holes for reattaching strap brackets in dinghy. Drill hole strait through 🙁 Luckily the brackets have watertight gaskets so I can stop the damn thing from sinking.

30 May

  • Cold and rainy.
  • 2nd coat of varnish on teak
  • 2 mounts go in in the am.
  • Tim and Donna drop by for a visit.
  • The last two mounts are installed.
  • Try and replace impeller in knot meter. I get it out but a replacement is $120+ so I put the damaged one back in.
  • I scrub the anchor locker and get it ready for new chain.
  • Supposedly we are back in the water at 09:30 hrs tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

31 May

  • Up at 0530 hrs. Why? I have no idea.
  • Spot Canty at the boat lift dock so I go down to chat with Paul and Kristie. They are in for bottom paint.
  • As soon as the lift drops Canty, it comes for Never for Ever. We are back in the water. Jared checks engine, tightens injector and Darcy hops aboard to help me move us back to a slip.
  • The boat has shifted a bit on the stands so we need to let it settle for a day and then they will check and align the shaft.
  • Put the final coat on the teak.
  • Anchor is still ashore, waiting for new chain and splice.
  • Darryl stops by and we have coffee. Being on the hard is certainly turning out to be social…
  • Haul out dinghy on foredeck to clean and prep my drilled hole in hull.
  • Alas no chain (it’s G4 and a special order) until Friday
  • I’ve got highspeed so I watch Rush on Netflix. Not bad