Hawt chocolate

Tonight was Highlands sleigh ride night. We arrived late as per usual but in time for a seat. C made some boozy chocolate and we toured the mansions of the ritzy Aida Boulevard from the cheap seats.





Pivot Left and Blow


Brian Webb Dance Company tonight at the Citadel. They are presenting Kidd Pivot who we saw previously at the Citadel in 2010.

The show is called Tempest Replica and is based on themes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


Almost a full house. And a guy folding paper boats. Hmmm.


Well Leslie loved it. I was kinda meh. Always worth the price of admission though.

Wayne -ly


Wayne Lee the hypnotist tonight as a fundraiser for a friends nursery school. Second time I’ve seen Wayne. I will never. NEVER. Volunteer for one of his shows.

Funny funny stuff.

Poe Electry

Sitting and waiting
in electronic time

Digital tunes
ring out in space

Electrons vibrating
and nothing on my mind

Beachballs and hourglasses
hold me in my chair

If only I had more time.

On occasion of not working while working