Fuzzy in the Chair

Dinner and music at The Blue Chair featuring Le Fuzz.


Le Fuzz is Frank Bessai and Thom Golub and company. I know Frank as he is Diane’s son and she used to talk about him ll the time in classes and Thom is Leslie’s second cousin.

The food was so-so but the world beat was fun and we grooved a bit. We caught the early show so we’ll be in bed by 11.

Dance. Company.

Back at the Timms for bwdc’s presentation of The 605 Collective. We missed the first show of the season last week so I had no excuse to skip out on this one.




And I’m so glad I didn’t. It was beautiful, energetic and entertaining. One of those presentations you find yourself wondering if it was the choreographer or the dancers who were capturing your attention; and inevitably concluding it didn’t matter.