Studio Theatre’s first effort is August Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata: first year fodder for me. Eventually I’ll see all the plays I read in university. But I’ll be pretty damn old.



Head Case

My head follows
Where my feet care to venture
My mind wonders
Why that must be so

Have not we discovered
The path to serenity lies
In leading our feet
To places we know

They say it is better
If I am forewarned
And happiness comes
In embracing the flow

Avoiding the storm
That wracks the shores and the sea
Setting a course
Prescribe where we go

But as much as it pains us
The bedlam and discord
We do cherish the moment
Those smallest of victories will show

So look to to tomorrow
And hold dear to today
Let go past footsteps

And listen to what the winds
And waves
Have to say

On occasion of not being dissatisfied with my dissatisfaction

2 Day


It’s not wine, cold and clear
It’s beer.

It’s not coke, dark and frothy
It’s beer.

There’s no water, sweet and refreshing
There’s beer.

On days like this I hold it dear

On occasion of needing a beer


Suddenly I realized
My breath was not

The rise and fall and in and out
Little to do
With wants did flout

No two no pair no pas de deux
Infernal turmoil
Argues anew

But such is the path that I employ
Conflict breeds
Such exquisite joy

On occasion of her complaining