Playing with Instagram: WordPressing my Instagram

I’ve hooked up my Enjoy Centre instagram account with the blog to automatically post images. they are generally work related images that I post to our Tumblr but occasionally I will slip one in for fun. Right now I am using Instagrate to WordPress, a WordPress Plugin by, but i might try out Instapress as well.

Playing with Instagram: WordPressing my Instagram

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-05-27

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Icons of Modernism

Went to the art gallery today.


  • I need glasses to look at art
  • Creating a scene of soldiers pre WWWI needs a precise visual memory
  • I still love Dali
  • Etchings with lines as shading… blurring the lines
  • Sclipture is not always 3D even if it has 3 dimensions
  • Art is about what’s next. Not about what is.
  • Art is not static. It can change and be different
  • Art can be an idea. If the art disappears, the art can still remain

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-05-20

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Middlin’ Medea


Studio Theatre’s last show is Medea as suggested by Euripides… whatever that means. The house is let in with a couple of actors playing in the sand centre stage. Hmmmmm


Ah. Well. Blech.