MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-04-29

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-04-22

  • “@micahsb: DRM is not the problem. It is massive under-investment by competitors. It is as if they don't see it as a matter of survival.” #
  • Sigh RT@Educ8Alberta #wrp I guess @allanHunsperger was worried … so he deleted his blog. Here's a screenshot. #
  • @artrubicon: Last Call for Applications: Alberta Printmakers’ 2012 Self-Directed Studio Residency #printmaking #abarts #
  • Lesson #1 for living in the modern age. Be honest, and stand by that. Because there ain't no deleting on the Internet. #abvote #
  • Low-income families in countries with high mortality rates can get vital info via cellphones #screweduppriorities #
  • Ironically… @annesaurus: The problem with liking anything ironically is that eventually you start actually liking that thing. #hipsterlaw #
  • Please stop panicking! The Wildrose Party's a threat but I refuse to believe its a forgone conclusion that its a PC vs Wildrose race #abvote #
  • RT @CityofEdmonton Tell us where the potholes R 2 help #yeg crews plan repair routes -report online here: #yegtraffic #
  • I finally tried Instagram! Photo: Dutchman’s Pipe: a new annual for 2012 (Taken with instagram) #
  • RT @illustratedword: A hilarious & dead-on 'tribute' to booksellers. As a 13 yr vet, I will admit to all of it #
  • Huh, I guess publishing really is dead… #
  • It's actually sad this is new to people RT@mastermaq: The conservative civil war is older than people think #abvote #
  • RT@accentlounge Apparently you can reduce the chance of heart disease by 25% if you quit drinking soda pop…my advice, replace it with beer #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-04-15

  • RT @mastermaq: I wish people would stop acting like the negative/ridiculous/uninformed/hurtful #abvote tweets are surprising. #
  • Lol! Star Wars as tweets! #
  • At work at 6:30 to let in cabling guys. Cabling guys show at 7. Funny how long 30 minutes is this early in the a.m. #stillnotawake #
  • @maureenjohnson ME Its CALLED Random House. Its a publisher FEDEX: Yeah but we can't send to a random house. It needs address ME: It HAS one #
  • “@transcendcoffee: Tonight at the Elevation Room it's Joe Nolan, Lyra Brown & James of Darkwood. Check it!” #
  • RT @GlennTaylr: This is a most exciting time. Vote for something you want, not against something you don't. #

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Reading books…

Well I decided to find our how much actually read these days. Leslie racked up over 200 books last year with her academics, professional upgrading and penchant for YA. I won’t get anywhere near that total but here is what I’ve read since January.

You’ll not that I still haven’t managed to branch away from pulp. Every time I try I realize I have no patience for anything but making my brain stop thinking rather than the opposite… Well we all have our escapes. In additions have almost entirely converted to ebooks. With my new library on multiple devices and my old library still in boxes it is very suited to my lifestyle and once I got used to the physical experience it has very few drawbacks..

Anyway, without further ado…

Oath of Fealty — Elizabeth Moon 2010 ePub

Black on Black — K.D. Wentworth 1999 ePub

Cobra Gamble – Cobra Wars 3 — Timothy Zahn ARC 2012 ePub

A Desert Called Peace — Tom Kratman 2008 ePub

Spellwright — Blake Charlton 2010 ePub

Spellbound — Blake Charlton 2011 ePub

Kings of the North Elizabeth Moon 2011 ePub

Stars Over Stars K.D. Wentworth 2001 ePub

Pandora’s Legions Christopher Anvil 1972 ePub

There Will Be Dragons John Ringo 2003 ePub

Carnifex — Tom Kratman 2007 ePub

The Lotus Eaters — Tom Kratman 2010 ePub

Emerald Sea John Ringo 2003 ePub

East of the Sun and West of the Moon John Ringo 2006 ePub

Starfishers – 2 Glen Cook 1982 ePub

I Want my Hat Back Jon Klassen 2011 HC

Naamah’s Curse Jacqueline Carey 2010 Mass Market Paper

Echoes of Betrayal : Paladin’s Legacy Elizabeth Moon 2012 ePub

A Rising Thunder David Weber 2012 ePub

Eagle Against the Stars Steve White 2000 ePub

Wolf Among the Stars Steve White 2011 ePub

Naamah’s Blessing Jacqueline Carey 2011 ePub

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-04-08

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-04-01

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