Studio Night

Jamie Durie by day and a Jonathon Christenson creation called Whisper by night.

Jamie Durie at the Enjoy Centre

Tonight we are at the second last Studio Theatre show. It’s been a great season so far… I absolutely loved Yellow Moon. Hopefully this one will keep up the momentum.


Well it was a visually spectacular show and a joy for everyone participating except the audience. The script left me flat. The acting, design, direction kept me in my seat.

There you go…


An all time low

Those of you who ever bother to listen to me know I like to rant about‘s comments but this one takes the cake. I mean I know generally when you read something this asinine its someone’s poor attempt at satire or sarcasm, but this… this takes the cake…

Even in these days of internet illiteracy… seriously… sigh…

This is uncalled for he is going into that uncharted, undesturbed and prestine landscape and killing all the animals that live there, he must be stopped because next thing you know he will have oil and polution down there when it does not belong and he should call the wild life protection agancy and arrest himself and put him in jail because the money it spent on going there we could of went to voyage a new planet for NASA and then the little pretty fishes at the bottom of the sea would thrive in the environment!

From a story about James Cameron’s descent to the bottom of the ocean.

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Dance Night


Another Brain Webb show at the Timms. Looks to be a quiet one…not a lot of people here in the lobby.

Sylvain Èmard Danse presents Fragments Volume. It’s got a fog machine!



While I really appreciate modern dance, it is choreography like this that really makes me believe our society is on the bored side of decadent.

Condoms & QR Codes… who knew

Far from its humble beginnings in the automotive industry, now these matrix barcodes, scannable if you use a QR-code reader, are now beginning to appear on condom wrappers in the United States. Why? To allow the users to post and record the location of their sexual activity online for the world to see.

LOL, just LOL. I can only imagine what the more ingenious of the crowd are going to do with this…

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Oh Dougie Boy


Today Leslie dragged me to hear Douglas Gibson talk. He’s speaking about the people he has worked with and his book ‘Stories about Storytellers’


A charming speaker with an interesting viewpoint and huge history in the publishing world. The more he speaks the more I am aware that the golden age of publishing is over. He paints a picture. Very reminiscent of the NHL I remember. A time of heroes and bigger than life personalities that has been replaced by big ticket stars and diminishing returns.