MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-01-29

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Bad News

Shafia accused saw deceased as ‘diseased limb’

That’s what the head read on the front page of the site. It implies that the accused stated that the murder victims were indeed no more than diseased limbs to him. But if you read the next sentence in a much smaller, unbolded, type size:

“Three Montrealers accused of drowning four family members in Kingston, Ont., viewed the deceased as the “diseased limb on the family tree” that needed to be removed, the prosecutor told jury members on Thursday.”

…you realize that in fact this statement was made up by a prosecutor who, in speaking to a jury, is trying to get a conviction. For skimmers like me (who make up at lest half of the population according to a recent non-scientific survey) the first, and likely lasting, impression is that the accused did in fact have this view instead of the actual fact that this is purely an accusation on a part of a prosecutor trying to win a case.

I hate this kind of journalism. I would rather read the National Enquirer where at least I know they are deliberately skewing the story. I declare it a stupid human trick.

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-01-22

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La la la la lycanthrope

Brian Webb’s next presentation is La La La Human Steps at the Jube. I’m sure I’ve seen this Montreal company before but it beats me when.


In the 1000+ seat theatre, Akemi and Carmen are sitting one row up and 3 seats over. Yup.


Simply stunning use of light. The best lit dance show I have ever seen. The dance was ballet based with a real energy and edgy vibe. The live musicians were fun, enchanting and expressive all at once.

Well worth braving the -30 weather…

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-01-08

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Say goodnight internet…

And the Golden Age of the Internet is now over.

[Iran] announced its plans (link in Farsi) to build the Intranet in March 2011, motivated by social media fueled protests during its 2009 election and inspired by China’s domestic controls. According to the statement, Iran plans to offer Intranet access to nearby countries interested in taking advantage of the Halal network.

“We can describe it as a genuinely ‘halal’ network aimed at Muslims on a ethical and moral level,” the Iranian Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs Ali Agha Mohammadi writes.

The government hopes the latest restrictions will limit election-related protests of the kind that organized on social networks in Egypt last year. All online planning of protests — through social media or email — will be considered national security crimes, the government said.

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-01-01

  • New rule. All 'facts' will now need to have accompanying citations or they will be disregarded. #toomuchtimewithfamily #
  • My Xmas Angel. Having a tough time getting her to the top of the tree though… #
  • “@avnishnanda: This is pretty cool. The World's Most Beautiful Subway Stations” #
  • RT @lavermeer: Words not to confuse: realty and reality. Pretty obvious, since they have nothing in common. #proofreading #editing #
  • RT @lavermeer: Getting this in: THE GLAMOUR OF GRAMMAR by Roy Peter Clark. Time to start prepping for classes next week! #FridayReads #

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