MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-11-27

  • RT @lavermeer So pleased to be reviewing for Resource Links "Connecting Classrooms, Libraries & Canadian Learning Resources #SmallDanceOfJoy #
  • @EnjoyCentre: Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy! Whatever it is: a good massage, fine wine or the perfect cup of coffee, just enjoy the day #
  • <ducks> WHERE?!! @wilw: ALBATROSS! #
  • Weekday convenience and weekend experience. Marketing words to live by. #
  • Where does your QR code go? #
  • Sending your QR code to a flash site: #iPhonefail #
  • But that's ok, we had a PDF version: #
  • Awesome. How about my next laptop? RT @ade: How long before someone's making a bike out of this stuff? #
  • @jdarrah Good luck finding a GP taking new patients. I looked a couple of years ago and found 1 deep south side #YEG #
  • Mom Blogging for Dummies is a real book. #endofthepublishingworld #
  • You know that moment when you feel a cold coming on? I hate that moment. #
  • Hey! My friend Dave needs help with his 'stache. Donate a few bucks to help him on his way… #
  • This is so sad for the sci-fi community RT @PureSpecEdm: We just got word that author Anne McCaffrey has passed away. … RIP Anne #
  • Lol RT @HolesOnline: I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album "What's New, November 22, 2011-What's Your Gnome Plan?" #
  • While I am unsure of the whole Book Country thing, I LOVE the genius of the 'Explore the Genre Map' #ebooks #
  • I've said it before, we need some new ideas on making shopping for #ebooks an organic experience. #retailersarethinkinggtootraditionally #
  • My iPhone makes bad comedians better. #
  • RT @hughmcguire: thanks jane! RT @janefriedman: 3 free books: open your eyes to the future of authorship: #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-11-20

  • RT @yourAGA: We're 1 week away from All Day Sunday Plan ahead for a day filled with fun, family activities at your AGA! #
  • 1st snow in #yeg 6 pm trip downtown was 2.5 hrs round trip. 9 pm trip was 35 mins. #peopleneedtolearntodriveinsnowagain #
  • Have I mentioned before that @BaenBooks $15 ARCs are the greatest eThing since sliced bread! #gottofinishthatseries #eBooks #
  • Oh so true! RT @OHnewsroom: Managing Editor: “I swear every time the phone rings, my blood pressure goes up.” #
  • Mmmmm RT @EnjoyCentre: Eat chocolate and feel good about it! Find out how Thursday night at our Starlight Open House. #
  • This is so needed. A bridge from paper notebooks to social media archives @mastermaq ThinkUp 1.0 & Software w/ Purpose #
  • RT @EnjoyCentre: Meet Merlin. Dogs with Wings puppy in training who is stopping shoppers & staff with his adorable face #
  • Well the weather outside is frightful… But I'm spending my evening @HolesOnline #Starlight Open House thinking Xmas thoughts! #
  • Awesome RT @EnjoyCentre: Gorgeous poinsettias in the growing ranges. Behind the scenes tours. #Starlight event #
  • Watching Brian Webb dance in the Haar for the first time in over 35 years. Like being a kid again. #yegarts #
  • And just like the last time oh those many years ago… he took his clothes off. Ah modern dance… #

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Dance dance (in his pants)


Back at the Haar to see Brian Webb dance in Prairie Dance Circuit. First time I’ve seen him dance here in 35 years or so. Hopefully he won’t be naked this time…

It’s 5 short dances from artist across Canada. Brian’s is entitled 30% Gone and it’s about his heart attack last year and about home being 60 now. Which makes me feel pretty damn old too.


Well it’s pretty good stuff and yes, Brian took his clothes off. Some things never change,

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-11-13

  • Geo Takach @yourAGA Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7 pm for the screening of Will The Real Alberta Please Stand Up? #abarts #
  • For the past year my #ebook purchases have outstripped print by 4-1 & I only bought 1 drm'd book. Thanks @BaenBooks #publishersneedtowakeup #
  • RT @beautifulhome4u: Be sure to visit us tomorrow between 4-8 for our Holiday Shopping Event! Wine,snacks & door prizes! A great night out #
  • #eBooks need mobility to thrive. Platform dependence=anchor around their ankles. In other news Apple's uncrackable drm=smallest selection #
  • Our brick and mortar store is all about impulse buying. #ebook sales seems to be about forcing us to make ebooks profitable. #assbackwards #
  • Dinner @prairiebistro Mmmmm. And the lighting kicks ass… #
  • I hope everyone who spends the day not forgetting also remembers the other 364 days of the year. Its never wrong to support them #Remember #
  • RT @artrubicon: Shop Local for Xmas at Make It! The Handmade Revolution, Nov 17-20 #Edmonton #yeg #yegarts #
  • Seriously, Costco. Why? #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-11-06

  • Trick or treat. They get candy, I get tequila… It's a good tradition! #
  • And the pumpkins are snugged all comfortable on the porch… #
  • 1st iPhone 4S tweet. #toys #
  • Yellow Moon at #studiotheatre is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I am gobsmacked. Go see it and support these awesome students. #yegarts #
  • @UofADrama Congratulate the cast of Yellow Moon for me. That was a simply beautiful performance of an awesome play. Many thanks for that #

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Howl at the moon?

Studio Theatre: Yellow Moon…

And I have the new iPhone. Let’s see how the pics go.

Flash off, HDR on…


Not sure what the play is about, buy the set is pretty funky. Tonight is also Wonderland at the Ballet, a dance version of Alice in Wonderland. Akemi and Carmen are there.


Stunning, stunning, stunning. Massive script, convincing delivery, left me awestruck. Literally. I wanted the audience to sit down, shut up
and let me absorb.