MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-05-29

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I don’t wanna go…

Because I know you care:
…where Earl wants to go. Earl posted up his top destination so I thought I would pop off a few of my own.

To date, I have ticked off a few of my majors like:
France, Spain, NYC, Port Hardy and the Inside Passage, Nfld, Ottawa and of course Yellow knife. Here are a bunch of the remaining in some sort of screwed-up Bruce order:

1) Yukon/Alaska: I want to see the last great wilderness in NA
2) Churchill, Manitoba: Polar bears, nuff said
3) Yosemite: Big, big rocks
4) Trans Atlantic cruise (or sail)
5) Washington DC: Smithsonian anyone?
6) London and environs: British Museum, British Library, etc., you get the idea
7) Rome: Old things
8) Athens: Older things
9) Egypt: Oldest things
10) Moscow or St Petersberg: Eastern European things
11) Peru: Machu Pichu
12) More Europe: Cathedrals and culture
13) Southeast Asia, but only if I have guide cause I am a chicken
14) India (see 13)
15) Sailing the Caribbean in my own boat

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-05-22

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Isshy Wishy Al


The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh at the Timms.

Old home week really, as it has Sandy Nichols whom I worked with in Brooks, Al Gadowsky who is Laura’s son and Glenn Nelson from Rocky Horror and Stage West days. Supposedly a Synge-ish Irish comedy, I have high hopes.


Well so far so good. Dollar for dollar, the Studio season kicks most ‘professional’ theatres’ asses…

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-05-15

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-05-08

  • Vote dammit! #elxn41 #
  • RT @Marty_Chan: Voting = cleaning toilet. If you don't do it, you're stuck with same s#%t. Vote! #elxn41 #cdnpoli #
  • Crazy talk 🙂 @CommonSenseSoc: With all due respect to Quebec, french rights etc… It's time for the BQ to go. We get it. #elxn41 #
  • Voting. Come on all y'all young uns! #elxn41 #
  • 🙁 @KarenUnland: So this happened. #yegmedia #
  • Work, drink, sleep, work…repeat. Building new things is hard. #
  • Griesbach Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings… It's getting bigger every week! #
  • RT @HolesOnline: Next week is Biggie Tomato Week. Starting Saturday, for one week only, featuring five specialty,… #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-05-01

  • Write. RT @mastermaq: Calling all writers, bloggers and passionate Edmontonians, City and Dale needs you! #yeg #
  • RT @EnjoyCentre: Our designers' tribute to Kate and Will for their wedding day! #royalwedding #
  • Thursday "it's been a long already" beer. We really need a shorter work week in this country, or at least a siesta policy… #
  • RT @shereelynnfitch: Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. Not Harper. #
  • I love them if it's a geographically-based story; so-so if it's just eye candy @RuthLinka How do people feel about maps in books of fiction? #
  • Ah! @wicary: What happens after #elxn41 Constitutional scholar Peter Russell lays out options Harper won't discuss #
  • Uh NO! @jdarrah: Should governments allow advertising on their websites for revenue source to help pay for services? #openGov #localgovchat #
  • Honestly? Taxes are taxes and should be just that. @jdarrah: do you think government should allow advertising on …? #openGov #localgovchat #
  • Agreed, but the distribution might be fairer…@jdarrah: taxes would be much higher without subsidies from user fees, etc… #localgovchat #
  • @jdarrah A long chat bout fair distro of taxation concluded we live in time of the hidden tax. Time to pay for govt openly #localgovchat #
  • @TheReadOnion Get back on the horse! People need to eat ya know… #
  • @DavidStaplesYEG says he's voting Con. for #yeg I say we already have too much regionalism in this country. #elxn41 #

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