MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-27

  • RT @EnjoyCentre: Exciting new Wetlands boardwalk under construction across the street from Enjoy Centre #
  • At the Jube waiting for Melissa. Serena Ryder was a pretty damn good opener. #yeg #
  • RT @katepullinger: Let's ask: Was Snowy a boy-dog or a girl-dog? @charlesbeckett and I need to know, please. #
  • Wondering why all this digital technology still hasn't dealt with the issue of dentists… Sigh. #
  • Strange people are strange. Bundled up with a balaclava and a toque but no gloves or mitts! #
  • New knowledge is a glorious thing! RT @doctorow: … But there are many ways to open wine without a corkscrew #
  • RT At St. Albert city hall Jim Hole invites all to Lt Gov Distinguished Artist Awards Gala Apr 9 @EnjoyCentre #
  • RT @bookbench: Make a case for your Kindle out of an old hardcover book. #
  • Back at #BostonPizza after a 4 month hiatus. They still remember my beer; I love having my beer remembered! #goodservice #
  • Yet another job I would need to be more grown up to get. @jdarrah: Communications leader wanted in Edmonton: #yeg #jobs #
  • OMG!! Everyone, RT @scalzi: Eating a sandwich #TheMagnificentDramaOfTwitter #
  • Off for some culture… Brian Webb Dance at the Timms! #

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Dance, dance, dance

Once again Brian Webb Dance Company presents Wen Wei Dance and Beijing Modern Dance Company. We saw them last year and it was pretty darn good, so I have high hopes for a repeat performance.

The performance is entitled Under the Skin, a little less suggestive than last year’s Cock-Tails.

Very interesting water motif and some gorgeous lighting. And, a dancer with a tattoo; very interesting.

Somebody bring me some H2O

Tonight is Melissa Etheridge and someone Leslie likes called Serena Ryder at the Jube.

Never seen a rock concert at a concert hall before. Hopefully it’ll be better than Hiatt and Los Lobos were at the Winspear.

Well I’ve heard all of Serena’s songs before. Thank god for Leslie and her repeating songs over and over and over :-). Anyway, pretty much a baby Melissa in her hey day. Have to see if she can keep up.

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-20

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Habbing Fun

It was a sea of red last night at Northlands as we drank free beer, ate free food and generally lived it up in Northlands’ Skysuite, courtesy of one of my new colleagues.

And yea and verily the Oilers managed to win. Twas a good game and a grand time was had by all… by Leslie and I anyway…

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-13

  • Should University libraries digitize their academic collections? Should then all rights-free material be offered 2 public 4 free? I vote yes #
  • RT @liza WP plugin for beautiful ebook creation: RT @kirkbiglione Exploring iPad typography with Bibliotype for WordPress #
  • Japan's homegrown book scanning business highlight swhy copyright is a BIG issue these days #
  • Homemade #pizza tonight. Still haven't found the perfect oven temp with my stone… 400? 450? 500? Too many opinions! #
  • I have to admit, as a former rural resident, Bill 36 scares me. Sure hope its not as bad as doomsayers predict <shiver> #
  • I hate multiple accounts when I tweet the the wrong tweet on the wrong twitter #shamefaced #
  • A children's book to make you suck wind 😉 Big Wolf & Little Wolf: The Little Leaf that Wouldn’t Fall @illustratedword #
  • Reminder to self. Never, never, never read CBC news comments… sigh #
  • The @nationalpost app for iPad/iPhone is here! Follow us and RT this message for a chance to win an iPad: #nponipad #
  • IT'S OFFICIAL: The Smartphone Market Is Now Bigger Than The PC Market #
  • Why is Theatre Passe Muraille doing such a quintessentially Alberta show? Fort Mac hits the boards… #yeg #
  • TouchWood Editions (@touchwooded) has a job at their Victoria office. Promote & publicize the books … woo-hoo! #
  • What do we know about Melody (@openmelody)? Should I be veering that way from my current plans to roll out yet another WordPress system? #
  • LOL! The average budget for novice social programs is $66,000, and an average team includes about 3.1 people … #
  • @Tweetdeck now includes I guess this means I can run off at the mouth about things that only matte… (cont) #
  • RT @quillandquire: On gender parity in literary publishing #
  • Earth to #yeg .. Where can my beautiful partner find (blech) cracked wheat bread! #
  • RT @BrockSky: Good Fucking Design Advice at: #
  • RT @BrentButt: New cereal in the breakfast aisle:
    I propose the slogan; "More Fibre, Less Subtle" #

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Installing Melody

So I came across Melody which is a open source extension of Movable Types blog software. It sound interesting so I thought I would give it a swing. One thing that was noted several times in my research is that Movable Type was waaaaay behind WordPress and its famous 5-minute install.

I have to say it’s true. I got most of the install going but nowhere did it mention that the url to initiate the install was

Kinda an important fact. At this point I am now stuck because the install wizard states that I need HTML::Parser installed and my Snow Leopard machine is choking trying to install it. Part of the problem is I don’t know perl from a hole in the ground and part is because even though I think (though fink) I have got the latest package installed, the wizard doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge the face: deep sigh. Now I am into something called CPAN and the coding is getting hot and heavy.

At this point I think the issue is I have not set up CPAN correctly because it keeps failing on the make command.

&^%$# I don’t have xcode installed since the upgrade to Snow Leopard. #$%@^! 3.5 gb download from the Apple Developer site

To enter CPAN: sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
install HTML::Parser

That was phase one. Then it turns out mysql isn’t a default install so I had to go back and try:
install DBD::mysql

My definition of geekery

Chicago 16 states:
I love Eats, Shoots & Leaves, but I would have preferred to see “and” in the title rather than the ampersand &#8212 which would allow for a serial comma after “Shoots.”

Section 6.2, p. 307
Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition


MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-02-06

  • What a world we live in: Google dropped $5.16 billion on lobbyists in 2010, … Lobbying Disclosure Act Database. #
  • RT @lavermeer Thumbs down The Hat #yeg Bored service, 5 basic menu items unavailable, bland food & presentation Won't be returning #yegfood #
  • Apple's ePub announcement pissing the intarweb off but who's kidding who: Amazon is just a proprietary? #
  • I just entered the @ZAGGdaily iPad-a-day Giveaway. Each day is a new chance to win, so I'll enter tomorrow too! #
  • I don't normally do contests but, hey, maybe that one was legit… And it helped up my tweet count and that's important too…right? #
  • @HolesOnline When are 1000s of aphids a good thing? When they r food for breeding A. colemanii, a parasitic wasp #
  • Sometimes I wish I could stomach being a Wildrose member. Go @ElectDanielle Wildrose Pty Just the Facts: Earth to Ted #
  • @CommonSenseSoc Aw, but its nice to see them bringing the discourse down to that level. But then I don't take my politics that seriously #
  • RT @EnjoyCentre: Testing flood floors today. The growers are getting excited! #
  • RT @UvaUrsi: Laughing till tears! Great way to wrap up day! 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From January, 2011 #

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