MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-28

  • @scalzi: Still vaguely uncomfortable with the fact that "monosyllable" has five syllables. #
  • @EnjoyCentre: Sparkle at the Enjoy Centre! The first ever event was a shining success! #
  • First condo meeting. Ever. Fingers crossed! #
  • @Lindapalooza Not yet. Slum lords, but we are trying to figure out if we want to move to Greisbach and rent the home unit #
  • I love Georges @NeWestPress: Georges Laraque says The Bone Cage made him cry. Wow! /@angie_abdou @NeWestPress #
  • @davecournoyer: the Presidents of the Wildrose Alliance, Liberal Party, and Alberta Party were all once members of the PC Party. #ableg #
  • In #Alberta#
  • If an employee normally has the day of a stat holiday off they are not entitled to holiday pay & are not entitled to an extra day off w/ pay #
  • Sigh… Xmas fail! #
  • What happens when genres start to sub divide: "Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories, edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft (@Torquere Press)" #
  • Here here! RT @mastermaq: Dear #yegcc LRT Expansion was never just icing on the #expo2017 cake. Let's get it done. #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-21

  • Sigh, that killed that idea. @ElectDanielle: And for the record, my political inspiration comes from former British PM Margaret Thatcher… #
  • Jeezus H Christ! @scalzi: MFA folks: Do your programs have classes on publishing contracts? Because, DAMN. (Context: ) #
  • @TheReadOnion Ha Ha. And no, you'll never learn, no one ever does unless they are rich enough to have a staff to learn for them… #
  • Enjoy Centre much more than a plant shop! @EdmontonJournal reprints Steve Whysall's article: #
  • #Facebook email (… Doesn't this remind you an awful lot of Compuserve (and AOL) as it started to fade? #
  • "It is times like this that make me happy the word “douchebag” exists. Otherwise, I might be lost for words." From #
  • That douchebag quote was originally by @kwnewton Awesome! #
  • Awesome pic! RT @HolesOnline: 1st event in 5 days; just needs a coat of paint @EnjoyCentre #
  • WTF! @Yendi: Just found out that Def Leppard's Joe Elliot is now fronting a Mott the Hoople cover band. #
  • May the force be with you… Star Wars typographical geekery! #
  • Finishing touches on the Enjoy Centre events space… Looks awesome! AND the first booze ever is in the house! #
  • Photoshoots involving food make me really really hungry! #
  • Post Sparkle sleeplessness. Yet another reason to have multiple synching ebook readers. Your book is always where you are… #convert #

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May the Nerd be with You…

Some may say its a waste of time, but I rather like them…

From here

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-14

  • @jmaxsfu: SFU's Master of Publishing program: an information session held tomorrow night (at Harbour Centre). See #
  • L's in Switzerland at The International Conference of the Book and just delivered her first international paper! W00t! #
  • @TheReadOnion Alas, we were supposed to be moving… #
  • “@Marty_Chan: Trying to explain to my cats how daylight savings changes their feeding times, but they're not buying it.” #
  • “@absolutebodo: Did you know?: Edmontonians recycled 51,753 tonnes of material in 2009.” #
  • Sigh. @pjmartin: My last Kodachrome slides arrived in the mail today. Someone should reinvent this film. Thanks, Dwayne #
  • Why does #eia #yeg's 'free' Internet want me to join facebook? #
  • @EarlJWoods: Lois Hole's 2003 Remembrance Day remarks: #
  • Love and Human Remains… Why did he change the name? Anyway, amazing play still but maybe a bit too much play for the young 'uns #yeg #
  • @rmbooks: Welcome to Book Industry 101: #indentitycrisis #

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Enjoy Jim…

Working on a Enjoy Centre youtube channel for work…

Jim’s video:

And now to try and get the channel embedded…

Hmmmmmm, this page gives you a wizard to add your own code which means this should do it: (and yet, it doesn’t…so far…)


Okay so here’s the deal. I forgot about embedding Java in a post. If I put most of the code in a text widget and then just eh embed code in the post it works fine… See here for more…

Unidentified theatre remains

20 years or so after seeing it the first time, we are at the Timms seeing Brad Fraser’s Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (now retitled Love and Human Remains… shudder).

Hopefully it won’t suck. But it won’t. It dare not…


Well. The play is a challenge, and the actors are not, quite, up, to, it… But they got game…