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Just trying out new functionality, like the ability to post videos. Here are some trees for the Kananaskis, proving why rigidity is an undesirable characteristic.

Hmmm doesn’t seem to be working…

Apparently the new app inserts object width="0" height="0" in two places which obviously makes the size of the movie zero…

If you change the 2nd one ( in the actual embed statement) to 600 & 400 then voila the movie magically appears with controller…

And it Drags On, and On, and on …

The brushes program for my iPad has a movie export feature so I thought I would try posting the process. This is by no means how I usually sketch, but since I thought I would try and do something deliberately instead of off the cuff I used three layers to get the final result. In the end it’s not quite satisfying because by trying to accomplish ‘something’, I generally make it a bit lopsided instead of organic… oh well…

The final product:

The movie:

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-09-20

  • @stephenfry Not in Canada? #anotherlostsale sigh. in reply to stephenfry #
  • Information is the source of all happiness and pain in a society based on self-determination rather than predestination and I am unhappy… #
  • @GPBuzz: Mobile fashion truck. How about a mobile garden truck w/baskets, combos/annuals drvg thru neighborhoods http://tinyurl.com/3xmawzp #
  • Rules to live by! @OHnewsroom: Photographer: “I don’t need anger management; you just need to stop pissin’ me off." #
  • At the optometrist. No I don't need glasses, no I don't need glasses, no I don't need… #
  • @Lindapalooza isn't transporting alcohol over provincial borders illegal? I guess you better just drink up before you come home. in reply to Lindapalooza #
  • Vote Turnip! "Rumors of affair w parsnip intern “@MargaretAtwood: The Turnip is thinking. Will it run for PM?" #
  • @akemimats Screw you… Grumble, grumble, grumble (he mutters to himself) ;-( in reply to akemimats #
  • @akemimats it takes more than a prescription to motivate some; t takes catastrophic failure. And I'm still limping along… in reply to akemimats #
  • Cutting back with libraries isn't good for anyone! "New Calgary library might remain unopened…" http://bit.ly/daoIhm #

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Master of my Own Demise

If I was he
And in no way me

I would see my way
And own mastery

If I were them
In all their glory

I would sense my place
In failing destiny

But I am I
Quoth Sir Quixote

I can’t claim knowledge
Nor sense, nor foresee

I can only acknowledge
My own demise
My own fell mastery

On occasion of being petulant

The Wayside Chapel

One of my old favorites…


An English lady was visiting Switzerland. She needed a room and stopped the school master to see if he could recommend one. He took her to see several rooms. When everything was settled she returned home to make preparations for the move. When she got home she realized that she had not asked if there was a W. C. (Wash-room). She promptly wrote a letter to the school master asking if there was a W.C. around. The Swiss school master was a very poor-student in English, and asked the Parish Priest if he could find out the meaning of W. C. They finally decided that it meant Wayside Chapel. The school master then wrote the following letter to the lady:

Dear Madam:

I take great pleasure in informing you that a W.C. is situated nine miles from the house in the centre of a beautiful grove of?pine trees surrounded by lovely grounds. It is capable of holding 200 people and is opened Sundays and Thursdays only. As there are a number of people expected during the summer months, I would suggest that you come early, although there is plenty of standing room. This is unfortunate, especially if you are in the habit of going regularly. You will, no doubt, be glad to hear that a good number bring their lunches and make a day of it.

I would recommend your ladyship to go on a Thursday when there is an organ accompaniment and the acoustics are excellent. Even the most delicate sounds may be heard.

It may interest you to know that my daughter was married in the W.C. and in fact, that is where she met her husband. I can still remember the rush for seats. There must of been ten people to a seat usually occupied by one. I can still remember the expression on their faces. The newest attraction is a bell donated by a wealthy resident of the district. It tolls whenever someone enters.

A bazaar is going to be held to provide seats for all. Since the people feel that there has long been a need for them. My wife is very delicate and she can not go often. It’s been almost a year since she last went. Naturally it pains her very much not to go more often. I shall save the best seat for you, where you can be seen by all. For the children there is a special time and place so they will not disturb the others.

Hoping to have been some help to you
I remain,

Yours truly,