MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-30

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The interntz is fullz of n00bs

A recent online war erupted in Edmonton between the ‘new journalists’ represented by bloggers and twitterers and the old media. Basically an actor and recipient of online reviews reacted badly in the comments section of a blogger and this set off a series of other posts online that grew to massive proportions.

I chimed in on Mack’s site (boyfriend of the original blogger, and the real reason it grew to such proportions) just because I could… Ain’t the internet grand!

# Bruce K Says:
August 18th, 2010 at 1:24 pm

I spent years in the theatre. It’s a family. Any bad review hurts and you tend to leap to the defensive. But I’m going to guess that Jeff (being of that ‘border’ generation) isn’t really all that confident of the place of the internet in the new world. Hell, reading the comments here reinforces for me that most of the professional journalists are still struggling.

A few of my favorite online personalities have been engaging in flamefests and hurt feelings of late (I almost got sucked into a few) and it occurs to me that there is no satisfactory paradigm for conflict reslution in this new type of conversation.

I think the thing to take from this is there is a communication gap. Mack doesn’t get why Jeff would lash out using a particular forum rather than in person and Jeff fails to realize that the internet shouldn’t replace human contact in conflict situations.

We need a new rule book, but I for one am starting to believe rule #1 will have to be “Just walk away, because there are no winners when everyone has a voice.”

Mo’ Blues

Vanessa, Carmen and Leslie enjoy the blues…

A few filters in Photoshop Express on the iPad and voilà. I think the main annoying thing about the WordPress app is the fact I have to publish the post before I can come back and edit the code…

Blue Blue Blues

The Labatt Blues Festival in Hawrelak Park! An afternoon of beer, blues and company. L, C, Vanessa and her Irish beau, hanging out and listening to boogie woogie…



Henry Gray is 85 years old…

Super Chiken and the Fighting Cocks…

F’ Me, Mr. Bradbury

John Scalzi drew my attention to this. It’s odd how this stuff makes the rounds. Still this is awesome enough to steal from Youtube and give a permanent home here…

ZD YouTube FLV Player

I dedicate this to the one person who will really appreciate it ( you know who you are…); may we all revel in our inner 15-year-old boy! A backup version to be permanently found on a page on the sidebar.

I missed this the first time…

(Ian Martens/Lethbridge Herald/Canadian Press)

“I got out of the jet two seconds before impact and I know that and I don’t take that for granted,” he said in an interview with CBC News.
Read more:

See some video here as well…

Jeesuz! Talk about a spectacular picture of an awesome scene.

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