MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-28

  • This #CF100 18476 may have flown out of EWU. Which means potentially my father may have flown it. #RCAF #
  • Microsoft Office. Lost Product key. Sometimes Microsoft makes things very very hard… #
  • The kitten has discovered summer. And bird calls. And how to open the screen door. #
  • There are no groceries in my house. #
  • RT @OHnewsroom Editor to reporter: “I’m not saying you have to agree with me. I’m just saying that I’m right.” #
  • Why is it the people who desperately want to teach something about digital media, also want to sell you something? #
  • Apparently we are using a hashtag. #dm303 Is it policy at these things to prescribe these things? Smart marketing policy anyway… #
  • People don't use their mobile phones to phone… Used a total of 5 mins last month, so I guess I'm part of the norm #dm303 #
  • The Journal will help out with SMS campaigns. How that will help their business model? Are they moving to be a onestop digital shop? #dm303 #
  • Will newspapers morph to 'local news experts'? If hyping all these new online income streams, all they have is the 'local' angle #dm303 #
  • Digital advertising demands new expertise. Small business has just begun to control their creative and are going to lose it again 🙁 #dm303 #
  • Am now officially old. Can't read the fine print on the slides. Sigh. #
  • Trying to define terms for ad/audience relationship just highlights the current advertising problematic. Too many ways to consume. #dm303 #
  • A bad idea no matter the media. RT @jamesschutz #dm303 I'm not sure if advertorial on EdJour is good idea. Feels a little low class for EJ. #
  • RT @jamesschutz Touring the enjoy centre with Bill Hole. This is going to be huge. @enjoycentre #
  • Looking to invest in a good document scanner to help clean up desk. Must be #OSX comparable and fairly portable… #
  • RT @HolesOnline Final Weekend Spectacular! Join Jim Hole for $2 books between 1-p.m. today!
    Bulb Favorites,… #
  • Looking for a Fujitsu SnapScan 1500m in #yeg #paperlessoffice #
  • RT @ChrisLaBossiere: I see the link between burning police cruisers & ending poverty. Maybe punch an old lady too to stop global warming. #
  • 23 dollars of black angus seared to perfection with BBQ potatoes and a gorgeous summer evening. Life is good. #

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Old times, new times…

Between cleaning up my various websites (see here) and reuploading the old RCAF images I scanned for Zak, and my visit to the Alberta Aviation Museum last week it’s been a pretty reminiscent couple of days. Reminiscent is an odd word to use because I actually don’t remember any of it. It’s all hearsay and pictures and my own imagination.

At the museum they had two things of real interest to me. A CF-86 Mark I. Not particularly interesting as it was the only one of its kind made and barely flown as it was just a prototype for Canadair’s program to build their own Sabres. It was, however, of interest because I was allowed to sit in it. Both my brothers have pictures of them on Sabres, but I, alas, was too small.

The other notable thing was the presence of a CF-100. It wasn’t there the last time I was by and I have not seen one close up before. This was the aircraft that my father died in and I have always had a morbid curiosity about them.

There was a note at the museum that said this aircraft had been with the 414 Squadron which became the EWU in St Hubert, the squadron my father had been flying with when he was killed. So ever since then I have been meaning to dig up my father’s log books and check to see if he had ever flown this particular craft.

Turns out… he had. On F/L J.G. Keith flew this plane May 10 to 11, 1965 with F/L Bill Naylor, on May 12 with F/L Martin and from May 25 to June 4 with Captain Jim Fitzgibbon on a number of varied missions.

His final flight was July 21, 1965, so this is about as close to him I have ever stood. Talk about things that make you go Hmmmmm. While I was at the museum I was a bit … well pissy towards the plane because it was a symbol of what might have been, Now I’m just downright flummoxed by the thing and have no idea what I’ll say to when next we meet.

The log book also indicates F/L Keith flew #18152 which I saw a few years ago at Nanton.

This one he only flew from April 7-9, 1965, the second aircraft he was assigned after being posted to the EWU. Weird.

What’s weirder is when I was talking to the Director and he stated their long-range intention is to make it flight worthy again. Wouldn’t that be … well freaky.

Anyway, at one point I wonder if I should consider donating some of the memorabilia around the house. There was a bunch of stuff there that had been loaned with the reason that “it wasn’t doing any good lying around in boxes” and sometimes I think the same thing.

Hmmmmm, this post goes from past to future… whaddya know, time moves on.

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-21

  • Odd when mailing list software rejects it's own subscribe and insubcribe emails as spam #kerio #
  • Sitting in my car. Not going into work. Hmmmm, maybe my subconcious is telling me something 😉 #
  • RT @Marty_Chan RT @wayfaringreader: Outrage! RT @CBCArts School halts 'Fartsalot' author's reading #
  • Words I tend to live by: RT @OHnewsroom “I don’t have faith in journalism; I have faith in you assholes and somehow that’s enough.” #
  • New 27in i7 iMac. First new work computer in 5 years. Goodbye G5! Woot! #
  • At 260 calories a pint, it's a good thing I'm not on a diet!! #
  • Going to the aviation museum #yeg Wonder how much it's changed over the years? #

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I’m a barcode!

Scan this with your smart phone camera using Scanlife‘s app and you’ll be directed…

…right here!


Leslie found this image of a library supposedly in Stockholm. Now since image came from here, I am starting to suspect its not real… But, sigh, it sure is enviable.

Almost as cool as this bookstore from a previous post.

Ah… found it. It is digital, but the concept was made for an International Competition of Architecture, for the Stockholm Public Library.

Testing Smooth Galleries… Again

Basically for the Next Gen Smooth Gallery plugin to work, I have to resize the images. I was hoping to avoid this as I’d like to link to the full size ones but so far no-go… I think there is a way to link to the wordpress galleries as well…

The following gallery is coded:

smooth=id: 8; width:530; height:500; timed:true; delay:6000; arrows:true; carousel:true; transition:fadeslideleft; links:true; info:true; align:center; frames:True; open:true; text:Pictures;

[smooth=id: 8; width:530; height:500; timed:true; delay:6000; arrows:true; carousel:true; transition:fadeslideleft; links:true; info:true; align:center; frames:True; open:true; text:Pictures;]

Smooth Gallery page

[smooth=id:xx; width:xx; height:xx; timed:xx; delay:xx; transition:xx; arrows:xx;
info:xx; carousel:xx; text:xx; open:xx; links:xx; margin:; align:;]

id: The id you were already using on [ gallery=id ]
width: Width of your image container
height: Height of your image container
timed: true/false to slideshow your images
delay: Time in miliseconds before moving to the next image
transition: Animation when moving to the next image: fade, fadeslideleft,
continuoushorizontal, continuousvertical, crossfade, fadebg
arrows: true/false to see the arrows for next/previous images
info: true/false to show the image description
carousel: true/false to see all thumbnails
text: Text relative to the Carousel
open: true/false to show the carousel opened/closed
links: true/false to click on the image and open the original image alone
margin: Distance from the gallery border to the text
align: Gallery alignment: left, right, center, float_left, float_right

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-14

  • Alas, #iOS4 is not going to force me to buy an iPad. #StillLooking4Reasons #
  • Slow Twitter week. Good article on iPad reality by @jmaxsfu #
  • RT @illustratedword RT @roundmyskull: Fun wikipedia find of the day: "Notable syphilis-infected people in history" #
  • Bruce's sad attempt at a grammar-based children's story… #
  • Maxtor Caviar Blue 500 mounts when internal on my G5 but won't mount in the external FireWire case. Grrrrrrr. #
  • Today's Agenda: Zak' graduation. Step one: getting dressed — check! #
  • Step 2: Hall D at the Shaw; pictures of grad and friends, meet grandparents…Check! #
  • Step Three: wait, wait, wait… Only at the Ds… Wait, wait… #
  • Step Four: Certificate! & now we wait for L-Z… #
  • Random thought in the middle of grad… Why don't most politicains wear glasses? Do glasses make them seem less trustworthy? #
  • Step Five: Clap really loud for Zoernig, Christina. Yeah! #
  • Step Six: guest speaker fails to show; Constable Henry of the RCMP steps in to save the day! Hmmmm, that made the students happy! #
  • Step Seven: Find kid and attempt pictures… #
  • Step Eight: home, eat, change, more pictures! #
  • Step Nine: Chaos… Processional… Dinner… Speeches! #
  • Step Ten: wish them good night, a good night and to be good tonight… #

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