MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-31

  • RT @HolesOnline Remaining mixed ivy geranium baskets are on sale for $19. Limited quantities, less than 50 left! #
  • All the computer tools on the world won't make re-org charts easier to do. Unless of course, we replace the people with computers… #
  • Yeah! RT @mastermaq Downtown Skateboard Park Opens in Churchill Square: #yeg #
  • Absolutely! RT @OHnewsroom “My title is Copy Editor. Not writer’s bitch. Get your own cookie.” #
  • Well we are officially starting our drive to get followers for @holesonline. Deals all June & only our socialmedia friends are in-the-know #
  • RT @craigmod Why are publishers so afraid of HTML? The trend of 'PDF dumps' as iPad applications (see Wired / Pop Sci/etc) is disappointing. #
  • Foodies galore! @TheReadOnion Know this one? #
  • RT @brentjtaylor Jergens misleads customers. Photo of 2 same containers reduced by 20ml but claim 25% more. #lies #
  • RT @jdarrah Can't have mojito because new mint from @Holesonline is driving around #yeg in back of car: mobile greenhouse warmer than garden #
  • Fingers cold, cats cold, fireplace on: summer in #yeg ? #
  • Towed from the visitors parking. Why? Because you need a pass to be a visitor… Hmmmm #

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Poem Alert! Duck!

There are 3 sides to a river

All of the moments are cascading before me
Time is a river I must cross.

If nothing flows past me,
Then I am alone;

No island nor bridge,
Just a solitary shore.

Vast yet incomplete
An infinite line.

Points makeup segments
Arcs fail to to resolve.

Time can be channeled,
Time can be bent.

But a flow can not be halted
Without losing its nature

So I must risk crossing
Or gain nothing but stasis

On occasion of feeling nothing but the opposite

Weekend Warriors

Finally got back to Nordegg to unwind, visit with Brent at Shunda Creek Hostel and break out the climbing gear. It was too cold to climb on Saturday, so we upped the ante and visited a glacier. Sunday saw saw rocking 5.4s as we introduced a n00b to the awesome sport of being scared spitless…

Good times on the Columbia icefields…

She started on a 5.6 and by the time she hit the 5.5 at Hogwarts, it was old hat!

All in all, a great weekend featuring 4 bears, 1 elk, many sheep and many, many, many deer. Co-starring a bbq’d pizza, red wine and an unplanned tomato salad.

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-24

  • RT @garnerandrews Whoever did the artwork on new Eco Station –you rule. I LOVE this. Best outdoor piece in #YEG #
  • If emegency rooms were run like Apple Stores wouldn't eveyone be more comforable and generally less stressed. Which is a good thing, right? #
  • The buzz about the Enjoy Centre continues…check out these articles from Green Profit magazine. #
  • RT @OHnewsroom Product manager, explaining the value proposition of the new website to the marketing team: “It sucks less than the old one!” #
  • RT @illustratedword RT @Theispot: "Hyperactivitypography from A to Z": an illustrated activity book for typographers : #
  • Virtual box hosting Snow Leopard Server on a Leopard XServe… Doesn't seem to be possible. $&#% #
  • MacEwan Professional Writing Program sets up informational blog… #
  • Net worth or the 43 U.S. Presidents: man, there are some rich sum'bitches down there… #
  • I will admit it's got me scared… RT @design4travel: Hoping for better things with CS5. #

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MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-05-17

  • RT @illustratedword One book, two different editions: Sweden vs Canada in the bathtub. #
  • If you think herding cats is hard, try leading a pack of them from the front and see where that gets you… #
  • RT @HolesOnline Salsa, fajitas, pizza…we've got hot & sweet pepper plants for every kind of meal. Yummm! #
  • Just how do IGCs deal with IT, he says spending the a.m. installing digital microscope software??? #
  • So true RT @OHnewsroom Editor “We’re trying to start a website and I just spent 5 minutes unjamming a stapler. There’s something wrong here” #
  • Reading my first ebook from the library. 20 day limit. Can I really defeat the drm as easily as changing the date on my reader? #
  • Some greenhouse's glass walls were so tall that the regular lifts were too short; so they brought in a bigger one #
  • RT @illustratedword : Collection of 1920s seminal works in typography from MoMA's New Typography exhibition: #
  • BPAA Awards in #yeg tonight. Celebrating book publishing in Alberta. Who will be the big winners? #
  • RT @lavermeer NeWest Press of Edmonton has just won Publisher of the Year at the Alberta Book Awards. Congratulations, all! #yeg #publishing #
  • The Incomparable Honeybee by RMB wins Book Design Award at BPAA Book Awards. Awesome design and it deserved even more… #publishing #yeg #
  • Kathy Shute recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award at Alberta Book Publishers Awards. A true pillar of the Alberta publishing community. #
  • Mary Lou Roy wins Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence for People of the Lakes at BPAA Awards #
  • RT @lavermeer After winning the Eggleston Award for Nonfiction, Will Ferguson just stole the show at the Alberta Book Awards. Go, Will! #yeg #
  • One of the other things I don't like about ebooks is that they end suddenly. There's no anticipatory pleasure as the last pages turn… #

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Hey Bert!

Last last-show of the season, this time at Studio Theatre. Bertolt Brecht’s the Good Woman of Setzuan. Apparently 3 hrs of theatre goodness. Um.

A beautiful night for some theatre…

Too much time in a tub makes you a prude

A friend of mine in love with children’s books, posted a post recently in which she pointed out our North American issues with bodies. Apparently the Canadian edition of Else-Marie and Her Seven Little Daddies simply omitted an image of communal bathing. Why? I guess it was too much for our high morality. I mean after all, heaven forfend we start to look at each other realistically…