MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-26

  • When you own a wine store, reps come by and give you free samples. My retirement plans now include a wine store… #
  • RT @BillCalkins Make friends with plants – grow your veggie & herb #gardening skills with this awesome guide – #
  • Here here!
    RT @mastermaq Start offering bus service to #EIA from Century Park! #yegtransit #yeg #
  • Technology's next leap has to close the gap between computer literate and illterate… for my sanity's sake. I hold out hope for the #iPad #
  • Still looking for the perfect app to make publishing non text based books an affordable reality. #
  • People who register a .ca domain should always check out the .com domain first. Because there are some really bad coincidences out there… #
  • RT @yourAGA Which Escher poster did you have on your dorm room wall? We’re going to have 54 Escher prints @ AGA soon. #
  • RT @illustratedword Cool! Vintage Czechoslovakian book covers. From Round My Skull #
  • Watch out and hide your healthcare cards! RT @scalzi Have successfully infiltrated Canada. #
  • RT @EnjoyCentre: A new 3d view of the Enjoy Centre is up! #
  • RT @Eyjafjallajokul: As I was telling the trolls just the other day: "WE are in this together. There's no 'i' in Eyjafjallajökull." #
  • Cool new company in #stalbert selling electric scooters. Gonna go for a test drive! #
  • Southgate Mall is all fancy and new. And has a plastered all over an empty bay!!!! #yeg #

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Not your average violin!

Our friend Darrel Soetaert’s graduation recital is tonight. He started his schooling in violin but was convinced to switch to viola.

A little bit of Schubert, a little bit of Bach. Should be good if the hoodlums I’m with keep it down 😉

MacBlaze’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-19

  • Gotta add this one…
    RT @OHnewsroom I.T. answering machine: “Press 4 to report a revenue-impacting emergency.” #
  • Now that Adobe CS5 has been announced, I think I can finally find the budget to buy CS4! Now I just need a machine that can run it… #
  • Edmonton Journal does a photogallery of the growing ranges at Hole's #
  • The Linda Steele twitter fiasco revealed: Punished by the #abgov for the sake of 4 minutes. #
  • Actually, IMHO, they are.
    RT @GrammarMonkeys Why we need hyphens: Because 300-odd editors are not the same as 300 odd editors. #ACES2010 #
  • Trying to take an ebook out of #epl to scope out the experience. Hardly any epubs and the one I wanted: all copies out. WTF #
  • Visited Lacombe Park Spirits in #StAlbert Run by 2 brothers; very pleasant surprise and the cooler is well worth the visit. #
  • Don't like Tom Wood adaptations! #
  • RT @lavermeer It came from my notebook, part 2: According to Robert Bringhurst: "Authors are a real pain in the ass!" #

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Tom Wood’s Menagerie

Despite all my conniving, Leslie has managed to drag me off to the Citadel’s Glass Menagerie. AND at the last moment informed me it’s one of Tom Wood’s productions. I’ve had a hate on for Mr Woods since forever, but what he did to Chekov (Uncle Vanya) was the last straw.

So to recap: seen the play too many times; Tom Wood sucks; I’ve been played for a fool.

Oh, and it stars Fiona Reid. Who is the female Gordon Pinset… all Canadian, all the time. And I mean ALL the time… everywhere, like a rash, only bigger and more annoying.

But it’ll probably be fine. Really.

OK… Fiona good, Khalid bad. Who’s Khalid you ask? I guess we’ll have to ask Tom…