Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • RT @tvongaza Dear #yeg For all the talk re: producing a greener sustainable pple & transit-oriented city, why don't we plow the bike routes? in reply to tvongaza #
  • Why do decisions always have consequences? And shouldn't those consequences have a time limit? And why doesn't someone else have to decide? #
  • Robert Bringhurst enlightens us on the oratorial vs editorial divide in typesetting and design #yeg #macewan #
  • RT @liza RT @Sargent: And Apple introduces iPad, the iPod Typo. Lol #
  • "Plans…HUH! What are they good for… absolutely nothing! Say it again…" #
  • RT @lavermeer Getting ready for the Future of Story conference, Feb 5&6 at MacEwan Centre for the Arts. Jack Hodgins, Robert Kroetsch! #

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Bring it on…

Robert Bringhurst visited Edmonton and gave a free talk on the pleasure of type.

A little pompous, but interesting in a philosophical way.

Going from Arabic to Latin penstrokes. The talk starts to to get interesting when considering what typographers did to cursive to simplify the letterforms.

Next a study of Latin (Cicero) and cramming the letters together for the sake of conserving papyrus vs. the 9th century version that emphasizes the pacing of the oral text. Thus typography and the scribe’s job becomes the representation of oratory.

Rhetorical and oratory vs editorial.

A Navaho story broken in 4 parts with sub parts and an epilogue represented vs a more linear representation of the same story.

But the linear version is more representative of the ebook of the future with no page breaks, endnotes, footnotes etc.

The relationship between the hand and the word. Writing is drawing. We now drive instead of walking but can we forsake the skill of walking. Inevitabley we must collapse upon ourselves and relearn the skill of the hand.

Or so Robert Bringhust posits…

More Image Plugins

Testing the NextGen Smooth Plugin which uses NextGen galleries


Apparently it doesn’t resize originals leaving the author the chore of resizing everything to fit the display box; I think not… oh well. I am thinking though, that the Next-Gen Plugin is less valuable than the shadowbox one for posts rather than pages anyway. This likely means I will disable the plugin sometime in the future so don’t be surprised if no pics appear in this post…

So check out the new Condo Page for updated and ongoing condo pics and I’ll reserve shadowbox for the in-post stuff…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • Gave Cactus Club #yeg a try and was pleasantly surprised. Hard to get a seat, but the Hunter Chicken was spectac. Bathrooms are hitech… #
  • Oddly enough, I like it when companies seek out customers on Twitter. Happened 2x now. RT good to hear you had a good time! @cactusclubcafe #
  • Delivered Linda Bodo's book to printer today. Proofed cover, managed production and uploaded files, all by iPhone. I love mobile technology #
  • Cuts to Lois Hole Digital Library hurt King's College access to e-resources. Nice going Alberta! #yeg #ableg #
  • Edmonton has the third-highest average property taxes and utility charges in Canada: #yeg (via @mastermaq) #
  • Shirt $45. Tie $55. Anyone else see a problem with this? #
  • My boy got a slick black tie. He's all growed up… #
  • Blood Opera: The Raven Tango Poems, part of Workshop West Canoe Festival. Jan 21@ 10pm, Jan 22 @ 9:30pm. Check it out! RT @lavermeer #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: Avoid corporate buzzwords such as "paradigm" and "synergy." Simply use "bullshit." #
  • Southern AB is very very foggy #
  • Call Rob Feenie on Sunday Jan 31 between 2-3pm (604-529-3008) for Variety Children's telethon #findfeenie #
  • Funerals are the ultimate bonding experience. Unifying, barrier breaking, resurrecting, philosophical and awesomely symbolic. #
  • Blood Opera – a fine adaptation of Jannie Edwards' poetry. Dance, music, drama, comedy, love; a lovely theatrical experience! RT @lavermeer #
  • Mac tablet prediction. Not a tablet, a drafting desk… RT @tvongaza #

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On family

At Bowden, Alberta I thought…

    The roads suck, the weather has been foggy, frosty and fresh, the frost has been dazzling and the beauty of it all is perfectly matched by how ‘inconvenient’ it all is.

I went to a funeral yesterday. It was my uncle’s; the man who took over the family farm from my grandfather and the man who, because of that, was in many ways the hub of what I see as family.

Not the first of his generation to die, but in my mind the first real hole in that generation. The cousins I grew up with, the aunts and uncles who cherished and chided me, the learning, the escapades, the adventures and sense of place all revolved around that farm, that family and that man.

And so a chink appears in the armour that is our assumption that the world will never change around us or fail us or leave us behind. I have faith that the wound will heal and that memories will ease the scar but it resets you world view, your view of center. Because families are not a wheel that need a precise center, they are ball of string that revolves around itself and despite their propensity to become a tangled mess, are not al that hard to repair and reform. I will miss the center that was, but I embrace the linearity of the constuction and look to the future.

The family remains and the bonds formed will not be broken. Come what squabbling or agreements, tragedies or celebrations, I will not forget the love and faith and irascible good humour and the million other familial interactions that brought me to this time and this place.

It is good the have a past. It is good to have people that after many years and many miles, remember who you are. Sometimes these people are blood and sometimes they are not, but they are family. I remind myself now I am rich with family.

I went to a funeral yesterday anticipating a truly bitter-sweet experience. After close to a decade, and closer to two for some, I saw family I had put aside for the nonce. I renewed my membership, introduced my son to the next generation and hopefully demonstrated the respect I have for all of them. I am grateful for the opportunity, saddened by the occasion and unabashedly happy because of the experience.

Everyone needs family. Whether it is of shared blood, shared experience or even shared caused, being part of something always makes you bigger. We forget that too often.

And we shouldn’t. But then again, who ever said I made much sense…

This weekend I…
– bought my son his first tie
– argued with my parents (in that not so serious way>
– carried my uncle’s body with my cousins
– told stories
– failed to recognize people I really should have
– recognized people I really shouldn’t have been able to
– hugged more people than in the last 10 years
– was done proud by my family
– did my family proud (I hope…)
– visited a place where I grew up
– learned about people I grew up with
– met family I had forgotten about
– got some new family
– watched my brothers
– reaffirmed

Welcome home…

Because of the vociferous complaints of one unusually loud and bossy individual who I dearly love and am afraid to disappoint, mostly because she’ll hurt me again, even though I did punch her in the face, but that really isn’t relevant and should never be mentioned again, and really she isn’t that mean, unless you count the time that… but wait, you don’t want to hear about that again, because it’s not like we all don’t know just how scary she can be without trying, or at least without trying too hard, I am moving my longstanding blog from its home on my desktop to the big old scary internet.

Welcome to

I will spend the next couple of days fixing links and making sure it runs smoothly, but there have already been some hiccups.

Note: this server is case sensitive in it’s links…

Condo Rescue

Today I looked out the window of the unfinished condo an a mini van was high-centred on the snow bank and two muslim (?) women were wandering around outside of it. They hadn’t been there a minute before. No noise, no nothing… Anyway the front wheels were spinning and they were not going anywhere. I imagine, even if there had of been enough of us pushing still wouldn’t have helped.

Anyway, I had a tow rope in the emergency kit that I had gotten for free and the van had a lovely little tow hook. 5 minutes later I had dragged them off the bank and other than the scare they gave me when I thought they would try and drive off without unattaching the rope all was good.

My karma investment for the day.


And more pictures were added to this gallery…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Just how is writing an important part of marketing? My sense is that it's an essential skill, but others seem to disagree. #
  • I left home without my phone. I'm not sure I can survive a day without my phone. Should I go home & get my phone? I bet my phone misses me. #
  • Jim Hole carries the Olympic torch! (via @EnjoyCentre) #
  • Windows 7. Why won't it find my leopard mac? #osx #
  • LOL RT:Read The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World and you'll never eat another non-organic potato @kobo #
  • font nerds? RT Typography guru Robert Bringhurst gives free lecture in #yeg Jan26 Font nerds rejoice! @jdarrah #
  • Le Gnome is closing. It's a sad day in #yeg. #
  • Enjoy Gardening Spring 2010 has arrived from the printers & it's gorgeous. Look for it on shelves in Feb. #
  • RT Learned more from @akemimats article than 5 years of being a photographers Assistant @flowerlover99 #

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