Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Why should thanking a colleague for everything they've done turn into a political event? Giving thanks is so much better when you mean it! #
  • RT "Everybody's broke, so here's the rule for Christmas this year; if you still shit your pants, you get a present. Otherwise tough shit" #
  • Still humming & hawing about moving the backend of my #Filemaker db's to MS SQL. Such an investment in time at the risk of so much bitching #
  • Installing OS X Snow Leopard Server on Parallels to test before rolling it out live. What a great way to trouble shoot! #
  • At Citadel's production of Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n Roll. Stoppard was born in Czechoslovakia… Who knew? #
  • Tom Stoppard wonders why we apologize for history. So do I… After all it's what made us what we are. #
  • The west side of the building showing the windows for the staff room with the main cafĂ© dining area directly above. #
  • Studio Theatre's Desdemona kicks the Citadel’s ass #
  • Installing VMWare trial to see how it stacks up to my Parallels install. The 2GHz mini w/ 2 GB not quite enough to vm machines usable! #
  • Just finally figured out virtual hosts. Man am I ever slow at this! Now to free up some static IPs. #
  • Why do you Twitter? Some are obvious @jdarrah & some are fun @a href=”” class=”aktt_username”>shitmydadsays, some are educational @a href=”” class=”aktt_username”>emckean, but I just diary things: for fun #

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The Enjoy Centre

I was down at the building site this afternoon to checkout the newly arrived greenhouses (all the way from Holland) and I snapped a bunch of pics.


The west side of the new building showing the windows to the staff room on the lower floor and the floor of the cafe above.


One of the staff shows off her finger-counting ability during a walkaround.

Muppets Sing Queen

Mama! Mama! Mama?

ZD YouTube FLV Player

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • Writing budgets has philosphical aspects. Who knew? #
  • Join me at the Understanding Photography workshop, Nov. 28, sponsored by Visual Arts Alberta (via @pjmartin) #
  • Making bankers laugh, one mid-level bureaucrat at a time. Life is good. #
  • Willing to pay $3 for an episode I missed. This really is a new era for tv and a huge justification for cliffhangers. Boy am I ever a loser. #
  • Check it out if you can RT The ISS/Atlantis flyby for the next 3 days:Nov19 6:42pm Nov20 7:04pm Nov21 5:51pm all from west (@Lindapalooza) #
  • Xmas event at Hole's tonight. 6-9pm lots of fun and a wine aerating demo and tasting. #
  • Leslie is gonna defend her proposal next month. Then, after all this hard work, she can start working hard. Silly system. #
  • Coherence mode in Parallels Desktop is freaky cool. #
  • Shortcovers for iPhone v2.3 hits the App Store – check out the new Bookshelf view: pls. RT! (via @shortcovers) #

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Art photography

I took this with my iPhone last night at the Xmas Event at Hole’s. There aren’t usually lights in the greenhouse–these were strung for the tours– so this is a unique perspective on our Christmas crop.

Sometimes I love my job…


Time on my hands

Arrive in time
Time travel
When are you here

Time loops
Replaying all the time
We’ve been here before
So many times

Last time
The final time
Before I go forward
In time

On occasion of mulling over time travel, again

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Branding messages in 24 hrs or less. Good thing I've always been a fan of rock and roll. #
  • Why IB Students Make Great Lovers: We treat you like we treat our homework: we slam you on the table and do you all night long. – Neekoo C #
  • Are people allowed to interrupt PowerPoint? It's very disconcerting! #
  • Lest we forget. #
  • Work would be easier if superiors always had stupid ideas. It's alwayseasier to argue "no" than say "yes, but…" #
  • New satirical H1N1 video: (via @EarlJWoods) Mean, but then again they deserve it for not paying attention. #
  • Hmmm, @ElniskiMLA blocked me. For being a Liberal, or did I do something offensive? (via @EarlJWoods). Smirk! #
  • Absolutely astounding service for #TimRyan yesterday. #yeg will be suffering from his loss for a long time, but such a legacy of talent! #
  • At the Arden: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks #

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