Ode on halloween

Ode to the letter R


Whoops, that has a w
Wrong, I guess

Enormously so

Wrangle an ending…

on occasion of Leslie, Carmen and I writing poetry

Testing WordPress 2.0 app

Just testing the new iPhone app. Here’s a pic of L having a Strongbow and checking out the free wireless in our new pub.

  • OK. So it’s faster but there is no category option? Hmmmmm
  • Oh. It helps if you compose a post, and not a page. All fixed now.
  • No way to delete the page with the app.
  • enjoygardening.com didn’t work until I added a trailing / to the URL.

4 people

4 people sat in a room
the was no communication

4 visions of now and then
there were no pictures

4 processes chugged and churned
there was no outcome

4 people can’t to anything
leave me alone now

On occasion of a meeting of minds. Not.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Seat of the pants marketing has it's benefits in reaction time and flexibility, and it's downside in communication headaches and stress #
  • #YEG airport short term parking sucks. Or at least the system does. #
  • I have trust issues… who knew? Occasionally it makes for a pleasant surprise though. Consultants aren't all bad after all. #
  • Enjoy Holes; Lick the Possibiities #
  • Need suggestion for best #yeg pubs with free wifi (via @jdarrah) #
  • Question: are style guides "defunct"? Do they not justify bookstore shelf space? http://bit.ly/3A82ti (via @emckean) #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Lost the boy, found the boy. And I thought teenagers were stressful. #
  • Some web images of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women http://bit.ly/mCLQT #
  • Cats are not good conversationalists. Just in case you were wondering. #
  • You got to admit, in the face of worldwide opposition by book publishers, Google's got balls: http://bit.ly/2o1veg #
  • Thought for the day, inspired by Glasgow “A peaceful mind is the greatest goodness, if you don’t have any beer” -Steven Brust via @lavermeer #
  • Finally got back to a pub that serves Trad and I'm not sure it's my favorite any more… #
  • Watched the original La Femme Nikita. Excellent in a very odd sort of way. #
  • A gorgeous antique wood table with 4 chairs for only $490. I may become a bargain hunter yet… #
  • Does it matter if I tweet or blog? Or am I the important link … http://bit.ly/1fZFNT (via @tvongaza) #
  • Bad poetry is a window to that thing that definitely ain't your soul. #

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But she cancelled

I was all set to get out and about
Instead I sit here, nursing my my pout

A day with no people, no contact no sound,
She was intended to help center and to ground

But no, she could not, no not at all
I felt like the maiden omitted from the ball

It seems she had better, more fun, things to do
Her excuse was her sister, but I know that’s not true

So here I sit, all freaked out and weird,
entertained only by the growth of my beard

I guess I must smell or bore or displease
But I won’t beg, won’t get down on MY knees

Oh no, I am manly and stoic and proud
Not lonely, nor misty, not whiny, not cowed

For I have my poetry, my glorious muse,
And you, well you…

can read this, and suffer the abuse

On occasion of being dumped by Al