Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • SVG seems like a cool web design tool, now if only IE would support it… #
  • #MotionX Share: Hole’s #
  • New deck bistro set to start the summer (with BBQ dogs). And wine to make work go away #
  • New drawings of the checkout area: Designed to use the Pan-Oston tills: #
  • The Man in Seat 61. The best site if you are looking to travel Europe by train. htttp:// And an awesome webmaster too! #
  • In vino veratis. But beer will work just as well. #
  • Yard work vs. Condo fees. Sometimes it’s a tough choice. #
  • Because the world still needs editors (and translators): #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

  • I broke the France train booking site and now it won’t let foreigners book tickets #
  • Unified Communications are cool. Faxes in my inbox, woot! #
  • Snow and muscari: spring in Edmonton #
  • Gaining new jobs and authority may be a promotion but it comes at a cost. Sigh. #
  • Just as I start to use GPS it starts to fail. #
  • How does my garden grow? Too bloody fast… #

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Shopping for Condos

The possibility of moving into the city has reared it’s head. We’ve been looking at condos in Greisbach lately.

In other news we’ve booked tickets to Paris for July and a boat in the Aquitaine for 11 days. We also plan to spend some time in Barcelona.

Checking out condos with the crew.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

  • Added account for new Enjoy Centre. @enjoycentre Follow us! #
  • Book the boat in France: check. #
  • Now I’ve just applied for a job I don’t want. But the experience will be good for me. Like getting my legs waxed… #
  • Today I look to tomorrow and wonder about yesterday. It’s been a long day. #
  • Negotiating job positions from a lethargic POV makes for lots of talk, fun and a whole lot of speculation. #
  • Adobe Raw Plugin stops deleting marked images. Not cured by a complete reinstall but seems to only be an issue on the server. #
  • A train ticket booked on the France site can be as much as 150% cheaper than on the Canadian subsidiary site; considering it is 300 E/ticket #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • Just where does one find an iPod developer anyway? #
  • Computer support: #
  • Thinking of applying for a job. May have to ask my employer for a copy of my resume: it’s been that long! #
  • Appletalk and DNS: shouldn’t be realted but man, are the servers ever crashing… #
  • Ok. Paris-Barcelona-Montaubon-Le Mais-Paris #
  • Awards ceremony. Hmmmmm. Fun anyway. #
  • Twitteriffic 2.0. Let’s give it a soon but I’m skeptical. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • Soon the week begins again. Let’s all aproach it as adults. Or at least as teenagers on good behaviour. #
  • One source moves away, one source moves closer. Who says the universe doesn’t balance itself? #
  • Shake up the staff and let the roll of the dice decide… Oughtta be fun. #
  • I’m not old. Otherwise everyone else is in for it. #
  • Job descriptions: really, what positive effect can a document destined to limit creativity have? #
  • Why people quit. The reasons seem to be legion. I am starting to have an appreciation to HR. #
  • Playing an flv file in a loop using html seems to me impossible. Help? #
  • Http:// Mother’s Day #
  • Mother’s Day. Just how do tiny urls work? #
  • By george I think I’ve got it! #
  • Finally some gardening weather. Of course now I’m tending towards lazy… #
  • Learning Twitter: easy? No. But still we go forward. #
  • Rocks are expensive. Just saying. #

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