Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

  • Playin’ cards. It’s a life lesson. #
  • With great power comes great responsibility. And heaven help you if you fuck up. #
  • Remote presentations can work well if there is appropriate technology available. If not, well, not so much. #
  • Arguing is good. Arguing is bad. Good! Bad! Goo… #
  • Norquest College: Today Only – Come on down and we’ll wave the application fee. Sheesh #
  • One last tweet for the week: I believe in people; I do not however, have much faith in systems. #

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My Desk

Once again I am missing climbing. Of course I still haven’t gone back to physio nor booked my oil change, so I am batting 100 on commitments. So as a reward I will show you all my desk.



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So the Theory Goes…

What’s supposed to happen is I will post to my blog and the posts will show up on facebook. That way all of you who have escaped my bad poetry will now be made to suffer. A ha ha ha ha! This post is iPhone to WordPress blog to Wordbook plugin to Facebook.

Now I’ll try a photo to complete the process. Let us continue on with Zak pictures, shall we…

Backstage, Zak forgoes his bow to climb the pirate ship

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