Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25

  • Uh, Twitter. What is it good for… Ummmmm? #
  • Deliotte predicts 1 in 10 print publications will fold in 2009 #
  • Newspapers and periodicals are being written by people whose first priority is increasing focused on the publication’s websites. #
  • In an Internet generation, what is the acceptable marrying age? #
  • Most common age of smart phone owners in my personal aquantence: 16 #

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Serious Drivel

She contemplates the words
As they scroll
Across and down
The meaning is profound
What, when, where, why
The subtext provokes.
She emits a sigh

Poetry is motion
but words remain still
How can we enjoy that
which is static and chill
I know not the answer
I can’t scan the line
But music is her poetry
Her rhythm, her rhyme

For Al, wherever she may be

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • Management is about follow through, not productivity. Or so they say. #
  • If MLAs are acknowledging social media then the next big, young people, counter revolution must me around the corner. #
  • Why am I changing a feminist’s flat tire? #
  • Social media will have a profound effect on mores, but it remains a two-sided coin if we forget it’s existence is dependant on the state. #
  • Age is not the boundary it was in a pre-Internet era. In a society where roles are created rather than inherited many relationships are new. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11

  • Monday welcome back to the world coffee needed. #
  • Social Media 101: business and pleasure are not necessarily separate #
  • Social change often engenders change of work habits. I hope. #
  • Using the CBC tweets is a bit ponderous. A rss feed makes more sense in this application. #
  • The economics of social interaction is vasyly underestimated in our conscious examination of NA lifestyles #

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