Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-28

  • Today: clean up magazine files, continue testing server, start on eCom, Mkting notes, HR Manual, Publishing planning #
  • Making calzone and thinking Christmas. Meanwhile working to get the blog software working smooth… #
  • A couple of good meetings, worked through the wiki and blog software on the server and learned a bit more about Active Directory #
  • Added a Hole’s Greenhouses Facebook page… become a fan and make my web 2.0 marketing venture a success! #
  • Done for the holidays. Except for the work I brought home. #
  • I’ve feasted and viewed the lights, so let the celebrating begin. #
  • Wine glasses. Mmmmmm wine… #
  • Off to see the wizard(s). Parents stayed home, the brother is doing, and the wine tastes fine. #
  • Merry merry family christmas. Omfg. #
  • Considering the Boxing Day rush. Is it worth it? Do I need…? #
  • Bruce has been found by Jungle Bunny on Facebook. It IS a merry Xmas! #
  • I should be working, but I think I’ll go shopping. #
  • Bruce is now about good food, good wine and good company. #
  • Electronic stores are pretty much cleaned out and Shaw’s customer service was a 72 minute wait time. I think that spells a good Xmas #

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Quick Update

I think I will change the Twitter setting to weekly. Its still too much noise::content ratio. Xmas has come and gone and no new toys for the computer…yet. Zak made yakatori and chocolate paté with raspberry coulis:


I scammed a bunch of new goblets (designed for cabernet and/or merlot) and an awesome thing called a vinturi to aerate my wine without having to let it stand. That and some few bottles of vino and I am set.

One of the bottles was actually a tetra pack called French Rabbit

Only time will tell…

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-20

  • It is now time to start thinking Christmas. #
  • Cooking homemade tomato rosemary sauce. #

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As you can see I am using the Twitter Tools to automatically post my tweets. As it is already becoming a bit annoying, I am switching to using the beta version that allows it to do daily (or weekly) updates. I will try daily for a bit and see how it works. I also think I will go back and edit the previous posts to clean up a bit.