and floors

When is couch not a floor
A place not kosher to snore
Are pillows and blankets
Reserved for the young sets

Lolling and gazing together through the night
Protecting and appeasing the media’s might
It’s important to remember the videos’ sting
When attempting to relax neath the propaganda’s ring

So try to avoid the comfie soft cushions
And stick to the basic floor-like solutions
But don’t be afraid of lying in comfort
Cause it’s not always good to be sore when yur inert.

Apparently poetry and mobile blogging don’t mix. Man that was a stinker!

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Moblogs or mobile blogging. It’s got potential and yet another excuse to update to an iPhone with built in camera!

— Posted From My iPod


So there has been an update to the software. Supposedly I can add categories now

In other new, I am totally in love with this thing. I can blog in meetings, check my mail and facebook, do crosswords or just look at pics. I would not have made it through all the meetings without it

Viva la iPod.

A picture of Zak actually being social!

— Post From My iPod