Thoughts on this day

1.) Allia was good
Who would’ve thought. I always saw here  more of a “don’t look at me, I’m not here” kinda person. Now if she just developed some musical taste the world could possibly be a much better place because of her. Still we have her to blame for all that is Pedro so…

2.) Les is back from Leadership school
And I really believe the two of us would make one good leader. Of course we’d have to glue our circulatory systems together to prevent us from killing each other without killing ourselves. But maybe that’s not too much to ask Still we both have our messes to deal deal with. Maybe I will stop with the passive and just become the aggressive: that way everyone will hate me and I could have some fun with it…

3.) I worry too much
See 2 above.

4.) I want to go
France man, I’m so tired of youtube videos, google earth, stupid other people’s stupid blogs and being surrounded by people who refuse to excited. Then Wells Grey, Squamish, a little jetskiing, trad climbing. I want to go.. to go… to go…

5.) I wanna climb
I’ve only been out once this year. It sucks. Z is working too much.

6.) Z is making me crazy.
He’s been great for the last week. Attentive, thoughtful and hint of joie de vivre. WTF? Stop screwing with your old man for christ sakes; I’ve got enough problems ( see 2, 3, 4, and 5 above). Still it’s nice to see. Now I have to figure out how far to take it seriously…

7.) I really need to have more friends
I’ve been out and about with more new people in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years. It is a good thing and I really should work harder at it. Still I can never shake the feeling that… you know… that feeling…

8.) This is getting silly
I started out with a few random thoughts  to help settle my urges and it’s just getting bizarre. You can’t fix things: not online, not in person, not in fiction and not in film. As the wise greek guy Pete says in Muppets Take Manhattan, “Peoples is peoples…”

9.) The Tipping Point
Apparently according to L  (and Malcolm Gladwell, in his book The Tipping Point), there are 3 types of people who make things happen. According to her I am a Maven. Others are not. Other might be Salesmen or Connectors. I am not these things. Of course according the book’s gospel like tone most people aren’t any of these things, so that’s something…right? Maven’s collect knowledge and have knowledge on a lot of different [insert noun here].

I have to admit it confuses me when others don’t see that making things happen is the ultimate goal of our existence, not filling forms, not fulfilling routines, not doing what’s right. Who the hell cares in the end if we have a perfectly maintained but static existence. Well, I guess those people who are working towards maintaining it do, but still, I have a messy house: deal! If I make a book or a poem or write my name in the snow with pee aren’t I better off, even if I haven’t yet gotten around to filing my taxes?

Now the counter argument would be I have no freedom to avoid my day to day if not for the support of the button pusher sand form fillers but to them I say what would be the point of filling the form if the form didn’t enable us to build the Canadarm?

Where does this leave me? Right where I am, where I always have been: here.

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People think and then they talk
A disconnect, a drunken walk

I think the best or think the worst
I believe whichever thought came first

It’s not fair, nor right, nor well
But if I can’t read minds then what the hell.

And if you think this verse’s for you,
It’s not you know, it’s about what I do.

Burgundy Bound

This summer we will be heading off to France to enjoy 11 days on the Nivernais canal on our trusty Rialto 1140. L & C will stay behind for few more days of Parisian delights whilst Zak and I head off to Jasper, Wells Grey and beyond with Doug for some outdoor time.

Stay tuned for more…