A Test of WordPress 2.5

The irony of me spending 2 days trying to figure out multiple uploads is that if I had been willing to read the info on the latest upgrade I would have seen it was part of the package…. sheesh!

An example of the new gallery features…
Two Van Goghs and Some Cars: 3 Galleries in NYC
The MoMa, The Met and the Gugg

pedro the lion is no name for a band: part deux

Because she’ a luddite and has foresworn this new interweb thng, I bring you…


(She who remains unnamed) but of previous fame!

After much trial, tribulation and ado, the kitten arrives!

With all this up, it’s obvious that the cat must climb. Climb kitten, climb!

A cat nap: defined in living colour (and fur… and claws… and purrs…)

TV bad! The wire is the culprit…must kill wire!


Reinstalled ImageMagick to facilitate image uploads using these instructions. So far so good. Now I will attempt to use a plugin to manage the images:
ImageManager 2.0 to start… nope
Flexible Upload… nope
Batch Image Upload… nope
Multifile Upload… nope

hmmmmm, not quite there yet…

Seems I should have gone the hard way an installed GD rather than Image Magick. I think I can get Flexible Upload to work for me if I don’t use the resize feature…


A copy of the Gutenberg Bible in the New York Public Library
L and G

L and Gertrude Stein just out side the NYPL…

Yah, multiple upload but no resizing…

Hmmm, I’ve got Image Manager working now. Just had to find the install of ImageMagick which was in /usr/local/bin But no multiple image upload AFAIK…


I am trying to get GD to work (using these instructions) but i think I may have multiple php installs on the stupid box since I have upgraded it so many times… …


A truly bad poem written in La Guardia Airport

Never been a positive
The prairie vista’s lack the trees
Boreal pressure creates illusions
The view from the mountain top

Always seems the apex

Enforces human interaction
As Birnham Wood approaches
The critical moment crowds near
Life is a collective, a system

Many uncontrolled parts

Is a social stabilizer
Chaos is not a border, nor a choice
The tree line divides but connects
Social systems continually evolve

She is my brother, in my space